Qualified and experienced trainer offers dog training in Dorset which will change the relationship you have with your dog. We are based locally to Wimborne  so can be even more flexible with times and training locations if you live in this area. 

Why does my dog ignore me when I call them?

Make training and learning exciting for both of you. Have a dog you can be proud of. Enjoy the fact your they comes back on a whistle recall and no longer ignores you when you call them.

How do i stop my dog from pulling me when we walk

Your dog can walk at the side of on a loose lead and no longer pull on the lead to get you to follow. Stop dreading those daily walks. Look forward to your dog checking in with you and you leading the walk.

How to stop a dog from demanding attention

Is your dog over excited, out of control and demanding? Lets get some order and calmness back into your relationship with your dog. 

 How to stop my dog barking at everything?

Does your dog bark all the time? If you want to stop your dog barking then Muttley Solutions can help you

Puppy socialisation classes and obedience training 

Are you planning on getting a puppy. We offer one to one puppy training classes at time and location to suit you. If there are children in the household then getting me involved early is essential.  The best time to get me involved is before you get the puppy because we can ensure its done right from day one. If you are planning to get a puppy for Christmas then for the best start get me in before you collect the puppy. 

Making canine training realistic

Muttley Solutions does not offer dog training in Dorset in a dry warm hall. The simple reason is it is unrealistic. You need to train and practice the obedience training skills in the environment you will use them. I hear so many times how well the dog did in the training class only to fail when out in a live environment. You walk your dog on cold wet days so learn to walk and recall them in this environment and learn to be confident in doing so.I consider myself a live environment trainer so will research suitable training locations near to you so training is as realistic as possible to your everyday walks with your dog.

Dog training in Dorset offered by a qualified trainer with a passion for success. One to One obedience training classes at your location and my training fields with flexible times and competitive pricing. Your dog is the sum of what you make them, lets make them the best we can!! If you live locally to Wimborne Minster then I am your local trainer.

Puppy obedience classes in the Wimborne area:


Dog training classes : Resolve those training issues

dog training Dorset one to one classes

Pet Gun Dog challenge in the Dorset area

Pet gun dog training

Client Testimonials

I have been working with Gary since the first week of getting my puppy, he was extremely knowledgeable and helpful from day one and always on the end of the phone if I had any questions, our pup is coming along brilliantly and Gary always makes the lessons fun and explains clearly what needs to be done. Highly recommend.

Lorraine, Corfe Mullen

Thanks Gary. Your straight forward approach to training (me and the dog) has worked wonders. In a very short space of time we have noticed a marked improvement in recall. We have learnt a lot and look forward to continuing to reap the benefits of your training. Would highly recommend if you’re looking for someone down to earth with a wealth of knowledge!

Mandy, Merley Wimborne

When my wife and I decided to get our first dog we selected a Viszla. Doing some reading beforehand I realised that they needed early structured training to avoid being a nightmare.
Thankfully Gary has helped our whole family understand that early training makes a huge difference. Gary came to our house for a family education session before our puppy arrived and immediately made me feel more comfortable with his clear, pragmatic instructions. We have been to regular sessions and its definitely paying off with our dog relaxed and attentive on the lead,and his recall is great. Thanks Gary for enabling us to enjoy our dog.
Highly recommended.

Chris, Poole

Muttley Solutions can help with all aspects of your puppy and dog training

You don’t need to suffer any longer with poor obedience from your dog. Our puppy socialisation plan will get your puppy on the right start. Although I offer dog training in Dorset my main location is the Wimborne area.  I will be frank and honest with you about your expectations and the reality of dog training. Remember, I am one of the few trainer who actually offers you your money back if you decide my style of training is not for you. Contact me to find out more.