Dog training in Dorset the right way

If you are looking for Dog Training in Dorset then we can help you improve or resolve the following issues. You no longer have to suffer with these basic problems which make taking your dog out less enjoyable. If you want to make your dog training better for 2021 then get in touch. Although we help all breed of dogs we specialise in helping the many pet gun dog breeds found in the Dorset area. If you have a gun dog breed you are not working and need help giving them a job to do then look at this page on the Dorset pet gun dog training we offer. If you are planning or have just got a pet gundog puppy then we can help you get it right from day one.

  • Recall Training issues
  • Lead pulling issues
  • Pulling to get to other dogs or people
  • Over excited and demanding
  • Puppy training
  • Dog training
  • Pet Gundog training
  • Pet Gundog Puppy training

As a Dorset dog trainer we deal with many of the issues owners face on a daily basis. If you are having issues training your dog, particularly around lead pulling and recall issues, or you have a new puppy you would like to train, then get in touch today and find out how we can help you. If your dog is over 12 weeks and had all injections then book a field session. Is your puppy below 12 weeks or are you planning on getting a puppy? Then book a zoom.

Dog training in Dorset: Recall and lead pulling training

We owe it to our dogs to make them the best they can be

Are you looking for affordable and professional dog training in Dorset? Our unique training sessions are provided by a qualified and highly experienced instructor who is passionate about improving your dog’s behaviour and helping you build a closer bond with them.

All of our Dorset dog obedience classes are held one-to-one, so your pet enjoys complete dedication from our talented instructor. We know how hectic life can be, which is why we are entirely flexible in terms of timing and we are proud to offer competitive pricing. We are based in Wimborne Minster, but our dog training services also cover Merley, Broadstone, Corfe Mullen, Colehill, Poole, Oakdale, Parkstone, Hamworthy, Lilliput and Canford Heath.

Why Trust Muttley Solutions to help you train your pet gundog puppy or dog?

  • We are a highly experienced and fully qualified dog trainer that has been acknowledged as a Master Dog Trainer by the Guild of Dog Trainers.
  • Our honest and open approach means we are realistic with what we can achieve, and we will never make any false promises.
  • Your pet’s safety and comfort is our main priority, and there will be no cruel techniques used; but we will teach your dog what NO means.
  • We are highly experienced with training pet gun dog breeds who are not going to be worked.
  • We only train one-to-one, so the hour is all about you and your dog.
  • We only train outdoors, in those locations where you walk your dog.
  • There a dedicated training area of 2.5 acres in Merley.
  • We are able to work around your schedule, no matter whether it is early morning, midday, evening or the weekend.
  • We focus on training the owner, not the dog. We believe that when you get it right, your dog will naturally follow your behaviour and commands.
  • No nonsense approach. You pay me to tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear!
Dog training in Dorset. Pet gun dog training

We taught the puppy all the behaviours we don’t want!!

Why does my dog ignore my recall when I call them?

If you find your dog is ignoring your recall, then get in touch. We make tuition and learning exciting for both you and your pet, giving you a dog that you can be proud of. We will help you enjoy the fact that your dog will return on a whistle recall, no longer facing them ignoring your calls.

How do i stop my dog from pulling me when we walk?

We’ll help you train your dog so they can walk by your side on a loose lead, ensuring you no longer face them pulling on the lead. With our help, you will be able to look forward to your dog following you and not trying to lead you around! Unless you have a note from your vet for a exemption then all dogs must wear a collar.

How to stop a dog from demanding attention?

Is your dog over-excited, out of control and demanding? Teach them to get some order and calmness back into your relationship, giving you the dog you want.

How to stop my puppy barking at everything?

Does your dog bark all the time? If you want to stop your dog barking then Muttley Solutions can help you

Puppy socialisation classes 

If you planning on getting a puppy then Muttley Solutions can help you. We offer 1:1 Dorset puppy training classes at time to suit you. If there are children in the household then getting me involved early is essential.  The best time to get me involved is before you get the puppy because we can ensure its done right from day one.

Making canine training realistic

We work with the owner first then the dog

Muttley Solutions does not offer ‘train your dog sessions’ in a dry, warm hall. We believe you need to teach and train your pet for success in an environment they know. We regularly hear from clients who say that their dog was fantastic in the classroom, but those techniques were forgotten when they were in a live environment. That is why we only educate and practice the obedience training skills in the areas that they will regularly be walked in. We use a variety of gun dog training equipment to make training realistic.

Real life dog training

You will walk your dog on cold, wet days, so teaching them in this environment and being confident in doing so is essential. I consider myself a live environment trainer and have the perfect outdoor training facility, ensuring every dog training class is as realistic as possible to your everyday walks.

Do you have a Labrador Retriever who is bored? Perhaps its a Springer Spaniel or a Cocker Spaniel who needs a job? Are you struggling to manage your HPR breed? If you are not working them, then the Pet Gun Dog classes we offer will help to challenge your dog and stop those common issues that occur when these dogs become bored.

Recall training gun dogs needs a different approach to other breeds. As a Dorset pet gun dog instructor we focus on safety and ensuring you have a recall where the dog comes back to you when it doesn’t want to.

Dorset Pet gundog puppy classes


Correct recall issues with dog training in Dorset

dog training dorset

Dorset Pet Gun Dog Courses

Pet gun dog training and recall

Review and testimonials of our success with dog training in Dorset

I have been working with Gary since the first week of getting my puppy, he was extremely knowledgeable and helpful from day one and always on the end of the phone if I had any questions, our pup is coming along brilliantly and Gary always makes the lessons fun and explains clearly what needs to be done. Highly recommend.

Lorraine, Corfe Mullen

Thanks Gary. Your straight forward approach to training (me and the dog) has worked wonders. In a very short space of time we have noticed a marked improvement in recall. We have learnt a lot and look forward to continuing to reap the benefits of your training. Would highly recommend if you’re looking for someone down to earth with a wealth of knowledge!

Mandy, Merley Wimborne

When my wife and I decided to get our first dog we selected a Viszla. Doing some reading beforehand I realised that they needed early structured training to avoid being a nightmare.
Thankfully Gary has helped our whole family understand that early training makes a huge difference. Gary came to our house for a family education session before our puppy arrived and immediately made me feel more comfortable with his clear, pragmatic instructions. We have been to regular sessions and its definitely paying off with our dog relaxed and attentive on the lead,and his recall is great. Thanks Gary for enabling us to enjoy our dog.
Highly recommended.

Chris, Poole

Muttley Solutions can help with all aspects of your puppy and dog training in Dorset

Don’t take chances get it right first time

Stop suffering from poor obedience from your pet. Our unique and proven puppy socialisation strategies will help you raise your dog to be very well behaved and obedient to your commands. We offer one-to-one dog training across Dorset, with our main location in the Wimborne area. 

We pride ourselves on our honest approach and are always realistic about your expectations and the reality of teaching your dog. We are so confident in our services, that we are one of the few trainers who actually offer you your money back if you decide my style of teaching is not for you. Contact me to find out more.

Where is my nearest local dog trainer?

Muttley Solutions is based in Merley near Wimborne in Dorset and has a large outdoor training facility.

Is there a force free dog trainer locally?

Muttley Solutions does not use any techniques which cause harm or stress to your dog. We will teach the dog what ‘No’ means. It is about setting the dog up for success and showing undesired behaviours do not reward.

I am looking for a dog trainer who provides a one to one training service?

My speciality is providing 1:1 puppy and dog classes. Private lessons will bring out the best in you and your dog. They are at a time which fits in with your busy life.

Do you come to my house?

No. Since Covid 19 happened I now do the first session via Zoom. This works very well. We agree a training plan and prep you ready to visit my training location in Merley.

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