Qualified Dog Trainer In the Wimborne area?

Train Your Dog and Puppy The Right Way

As a Qualified Dog Trainer in Dorset Gary will teach you the techniques so you can work with your dog to achieve the goals.

Gary is an experienced dog trainer near Wimborne and runs Muttley Solutions.  It was created to provide a one to one and group dog and puppy training in Dorset, which focuses on the owner rather than the dog. The business philosophy is to provide a service tailored to the specific dog and owner.

Gary has two outdoor training facilities at Merley and near Corfe Castle, where he can teach many training techniques. He mainly trains in a live environment but does offer puppy classes and dog scent training in a hall setting.

Muttley Solutions is open daytime, evenings and weekends, which gives you flexibility and offers competitive pricing. They offer your money back on the first lesson if you decide it’s not for you. There is 3rd party liability and dog welfare insurance in place for your peace of mind.

Get a Qualified Dog Trainer

Dog training the right way is about ensuring your trainer is fit for your purpose. Research them, and if in any doubt, walk away. Ask them to explain how the learning theory applies to dog training. See if they can explain the 4 quadrants of operant conditioning. If they look blankly at you, walk away quickly. You don’t need to know, but they do.

There are many so-called dog trainers out there who are not what they claim to be. Anyone can read a book, train their own dog and claim to be a dog trainer.  If they get it wrong using outdated techniques, then your dog suffers.

What Types of Training Methods Do You Use?

There is no one fit fits all. Gary will assess the case and discuss with the client the best route forward given all the variables. What won’t be used are techniques that cause pain, suffering your stress to your dog. The foundations of his practice are Operant and Classical conditioning. The objective is to reward the dog for desired behaviours and redirect behaviours that we do not desire. Training should be about setting up for success, not testing failure.

Is dog training successful?

There are no guarantees any training will resolve obedience issues. Any trainer who says they can fix any issue is woefully wrong. They are usually using pain to do this. There are many variables, and the most challenging to success is the owner.

Gary’s Experience as a Qualified Dog Trainer

Gary has worked with dogs for over 10 years and has seen his skills and knowledge develop as the business demands have grown. He is a local dog trainer in Wimborne and the surrounding areas of Dorset.

He has City and Guild qualification in Scent Dog Handling. He offers dog scent training courses in the Poole, Bournemouth, Wareham, Blandford and Wimborne areas of Dorset to help focus build the relationship with your dog. It is great fun, and any age dog/person can participate.

Gary attends various study days and seminars on dog training and behaviour as part of his ongoing continuous professional development.

Gary has a particular interest in gun dog breeds that are not going to be worked. He is experienced in dealing with some of the issues they bring with them when not being worked. Sometimes it’s just a case of meeting their special needs to see a big change in their behaviour.  

Please Note: To comply with the law and his insurance, Gary cannot take on cases where the dog has shown any aggression towards people or other dogs.  He is happy to review a dog who is nervous about other dogs but has not shown any aggression and advise accordingly. Complex behavioural issues around aggression are best left to those who are experts in this field. If you have any issues around aggression, then he can refer you to a qualified behaviourist.

Pain Free Training

No punishment or pain-inducing equipment is used or tolerated. Gary will reward the positive and re-focus the unwanted. There is a balance between reward and consequence. He will use the word ‘No’ once the dog learns what it means.

Competitive on price

Muttley Solutions prides itself as being one of the most competitive on price for training in the area. Further discounts are available. They offer a refund on the first lesson if you are not happy with the plan Gary puts in place.

Dog Training Techniques Used

There is a right and a wrong way to train a puppy or a dog. However, there are various ways of training the right way. Thankfully, Gary has a dog who would test the patience of a saint. The techniques he now uses were used to train his own dog. Because he responded so well to these techniques, they became important tools in the training bag.

However, it is important to remember that all dogs are individuals, so the approach and techniques are equally individualised. The techniques Gary uses are based around clicker training, don’t worry, you won’t need a clicker!! A quick Google search will tell you all you need to know about this.

Gary uses a variation of this technique which plays well to the dog’s natural desire to try new behaviours to see if they are rewarding. Very quickly, the puppy or the dog learns they can manipulate you to reward the desired behaviour they have performed. Gary has found training escalates, and it’s not unusual to have 12-week pups recalling to the whistle.  They soon start to grasp the basics of walking on a loose lead.

Saying NO to your dog

Over the last decade, dog training has changed for the better. Thankfully we are leaving behind the notion we should be the pack leader, and we control the dog by fear and harsh control. Personal experience shows we may have moved too far the other way.

Some trainers believe we should not correct the dog in any way, and it should only be positive. Gary believes there is a middle road where it is okay to say NO to a dog.  We cannot apply a blanket practice to all dogs as they are all individualised.

We do not teach our children the world is only a positive place and that there are consequences for our actions. Dogs are not the same as children.  However, life cannot be only positive without addressing bad behaviour. Gary never uses pain, but your dog will learn when certain unacceptable behaviours as there will be no reward. We never force a dog to do or stop doing something.

Gary will teach your dog what the word NO really means. Then he will use it with the marker word to communicate with your dog.  This allows you to reward the good behaviours and correct the behaviours you don’t want without using force or pain.


Gary’s own dog is Henry, a 4 years old Springer/Labrador cross. He sadly had already had 3 owners by the time he was 1 year old. Someone approached Gary and asked if I would take him on as his future was not looking good. Due to his poor start in life, Henry came with many issues that we are working through. A major issue was he was a prolific puller on the lead.

Henry is a challenge and tests his owner’s knowledge and resolve many times. Gary uses the same techniques he uses in classes and has trained him to a good level of gun-dog work. He is still a work in progress and has this habit of when there is an audience; his training goes out the window as if he had never been trained!!

Henry has taught Gary more about dog training than books could ever teach, and he forgives him when Gary gets it wrong. The most valuable lesson he has taught Gary is when a training session is going wrong, don’t blame the dog. Just when Gary thinks he has cracked it with this fella, Henry throws another curveball to keep him on his toes. That’s the reality of dog ownership and training!!

Qualified dog trainer in Dorset can help you turn your dog around

Youtube Video: Henry is
no longer a ‘social misfit.