Broadstone dog trainer in Dorset

Recall classes and lead pulling issues resolved by a local dog trainer to Broadstone.

As a Broadstone dog trainer, I am qualified and experienced with proven results.  If you are fed up shouting your dog to come back, and it ignores you, then we can help. Who takes who for a walk? If you have a dog who leads the way and insists you follow, then Muttley Solutions can work with you to change this.

You, too, can have the dog who walks by your side and checks in with you. You can have the dog in the park who returns, and other owners look on and can only wish.  The road to this is not easy, but we can get you there with the right techniques.

I will work with you to address these issues. I like to train in a live environment as this makes dog and puppy training realistic to where you will be spending your outdoor time with your dog.

If you live in Broadstone, Corfe Mullen or nearby Canford Heath, my training facility at Merley, near Wimborne, will be the easiest location for training.

You can see what we offer and make a booking. If you need further help, please text me on 07482557186

Broadstone dog trainer

As a dog trainer in Broadstone, what can I offer you?

Most people contact a dog trainer because things have finally come to a head. That behaviour you have known has been there a while has finally reached a point. The two key training issues I see the most are no recall and lead pulling.

Gun Dog training in Broadstone

Are you looking for gundog or gundog puppy training in Broadstone?  Most likely, these dogs need that extra challenge, but you will never work them. I specialise in training gun dog breeds and their owners who will not be working in a shooting environment. If you have a Labrador and need extra training or to challenge a bored dog, then I can help you. 

Puppy Gundog Training in Broadstone

We offer gundog/cross breed group training at our Merley field. we take from around 12 weeks when the puppy can go out to 20 weeks. The class is up to three only and lasts 1 hour. This is a preparation course to join our level 1 pet gundog, training classes.

puppy gundog training Broadstone
Young GSP.

Recall training in Broadstone 

What do you do when the dog ignores you every time you take it off the lead? Many people restrict their dog to the lead, knowing this is no fun for their dog. We can help you turn this around.  We work with you so you can start to show the dog you are amazing to be with.  I will come to where you live in Broadstone, and we will visit the areas you go to and start to show your dog these places are not as interesting as you. There is no quick fix, but we can improve the situation with hard work and the right techniques.

Lead pulling loose lead training in Broadstone

If your problem is the dog pulling you every time you put the lead on, we can support you in getting the dog to walk on a loose lead at your side. Again I will go out into the live environments in Broadstone and support you in working with your dog. With patience and the right training techniques, we can get you to a position where your dog will walk by your side on a loose lead.

Dog Scent Training in Broadstone.

Dog scent training is the perfect activity for all breeds of dogs, regardless of age or size. Scent training can bring back the fun if you live in Broadstone and have a reactive or nervous dog. We have a purpose-built scent training area at our Merley field where we can do 1:1 scent training.

1:1 scent training Dorset

Puppy training in Broadstone

If you are thinking of getting or have just got a puppy, then we can help you. A dog is a sum of what we teach it, and sadly a lot of what we teach the dog is wrong, and we don’t even realise it. The right puppy training at this critical development stage is important.  Many issues which can show themselves later can be reduced by getting the puppy stage right. I like to have a basic whistle recall in place by 12 weeks. The puppy will have the basics of loose lead walking by 12 weeks.  It will also be able to do the basic commands.  Most puppies haven’t started puppy class training by 12 weeks.

Broadstone dog trainer

When are we open in Broadstone?

Muttley Solutions has an automated booking system which allows you to choose from my availability.  If you are struggling to find a date, call me as I hold some in reserve.

You can Text me 24/7, and I usually reply quickly Text on 07482557186

You can call me between 08:00 and 20:00 every day.  If I don’t reply, I am usually training or driving.  Text me as this usually gets you a quick response

    Broadstone dog trainer Testimonial

    I found Gary through a Google search and soon realised from his website that he could be the approach to training that we were looking for. After Puppy and a few advanced training classes with other trainers It soon became clear our dog Cooper (Goldendoodle) needed a much more “stimulating and engaged” approach. We are so pleased with the results we have gotten in just 2 months of working with Gary. Once I realised It was as much about training me as an owner the progress with Cooper moved along quite quickly. I very much appreciate Gary’s honest approach and thank him for putting both myself and Cooper on the right track. I would highly recommend his services.

    Chris,  Broadstone

    More Testimonials

    Dog walks local to Broadstone.

    Dog walks around Broadstone.

    There are several local, and further afield dog walks to Broadstone.  These will make excellent training areas for you to practice recall training, stopping your dog from pulling and generally improve your dog’s manners and obedience.

    These will make excellent areas for you to do practice live environment training, which will build your confidence in dealing with your dog in these ever-changing environments.

    If you are being proactive with your dog, they are unlikely to be put in a position where they will have to make choices, which never ends well!!

    Can you help me toilet train my puppy?

    To ensure success, we need to use the right techniques. A key point is not to stress and put big expectations on your puppy. I will teach you the right things to do so your puppy quickly learns your house is not the toilet area. Puppies are well toilet trained, just not for your house.

    Do you offer private training lessons in Broadstone?

    Muttley Solutions offers 1:1 dog training and group gundog classes. This is the quickest and most effective method of teaching. It allows us to focus the session just on you and go at your pace. We can get those tricky training issues right. We also offer puppy group class training.

    Are all your lessons outdoors?

    Yes, we will train with real distractions and how you deal with them. I will teach you to read the environment before your dog does so you make the right decisions.