Prey drive and pet gun dog training.

Prey drive and pet gun dog training are intrinsically linked. When we understand what prey drive is we can use it too out advantage. We can use prey drive to motivate the dog. Prey drive refers to the instinctive and natural inclination of carnivores to track, chase, hunt and capture their prey. This is something … Read more

Puppy training tips

Puppy training tips so you start your puppy training the right way. Okay, so you’ve got yourself a new puppy and are wondering what to do next. This post is really just about giving you some puppy training tips so that you can start to think about the training for your puppy. Getting it right … Read more

One to one puppy training

One to one puppy training will help you achieve better results One to one puppy training is becoming more popular. As a qualified puppy trainer working in the Wimborne, Merley Broadstone and Poole areas of Dorset I am seeing more requests for 1:1 puppy training. This post will look at why there is a move … Read more

Dog training success: Do it the right way

Improve your dog training success  Dog training success is not as simple as turning up week on week to your training class and hoping it all comes together. My own experience shows a number of these will fall by the wayside as they realise training is not a quick fix and they have to put … Read more