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Most likely, you have reached this page because it has all become too much, and you are looking for dog training in Dorset. Your best friend has pushed the boundaries once too often. Have you tried dog training classes, and it didn’t work?

Perhaps you have just had a bad experience where they have run off and ignored your attempts to get them back? 

Is your dog calling all the shots and treating your house as if they own it? Perhaps they are barking and demanding attention all the time?  Are you dreading taking them for a walk as they pull you everywhere?

Experience has shown me that the dog has used up most of its chances by the time you are looking for a trainer to help. Although you love your dog, you are starting to resent their behaviour? Are you wondering where that cute puppy went, and is it all worth it?

Thankfully you have come to the right place. Muttley Solutions can help you get back to your best friend and start to have some fun.  Stop the excited and demanding behaviour and reward the calm.

There is no magic fix, but with the proper techniques and determination on your part, we can turn things around together.

Why is my dog so naughty and will dog training classes help?

The dog is the sum of what we make them. We teach and reward the destructive behaviours when they are a puppy without even knowing it. We then reinforce this behaviour as they get older. Sadly, most of the behaviours the dog finds rewarding are exactly those behaviours we don’t want.

Attending dog training classes when the dog was a youngster can actually cause the issues. The owner can think six weeks will solve all the problems, which is the extent of the dog’s training classes.

My training approach is a little different to some other trainers in that my key focus is the owner. That is where the majority of the issues lay, and that is where the solution is. Get the owner doing it right, and the dog will tend to comply.

Dogs are very clever and need structure and the proper techniques. We can then show them that the behaviour they are currently exhibiting is not as rewarding as the behaviour we would like them to do.

In the dog’s world, there is no such thing as naughty, right or wrong. They have no concept of being malicious or selfish. They don’t plan to upset you. These are human words and traits that we use too often when referring to the dog. Life is straightforward in the dog’s world, with the essential focus being ‘what’s in it for me.’

Can My Sessions Help?

You might be reluctant to do more training classes as the six weeks you did when the dog was a puppy haven’t helped. If the course was run well by a qualified trainer, then the classes did help.

This issue would be about transferring the skills you learnt into the real world away from the hall. The second issue is those skills need practising in different environments with different distractions. As with us, learning is for life. The reality is you also have work and a family to balance.

Most likely, the training and practice started to slide. Without you even realising it, the dog’s behaviour began to change until you reached a point where you could not carry on, and you are reading this.

I will not sugarcoat what lies ahead if you decide that Muttley Solutions is right for you. I could easily make it all sound easy to get your custom. You would soon realise this was not the case and lose faith in me. Any trainer who offers you an easy, quick fix is woefully wrong and will lead you and the dog to failure.

Dog training classes with Muttley Solutions will mean that you need to commit to regular training. You will have to take the bad with the good and understand taking shortcuts will lead to failure. You will have to reflect on yourself as an owner as I will be expecting changes there.

Okay, all this sounds very negative and not a good business model to sell my services!!  However, I know that from the many success stories I have that when the owner commits to the training and follows CPPR: Consistency, Persistence, Patience and Repetition, then you can be one of those successes.

You welcomed your dog into your home. Without knowing, you taught them many of the bad behaviours they are showing or reinforced what others taught.  You owe it to them to give them the best chance.

My dog training classes are on a one to one basis and are done in a live environment, not a hall. They are bespoke to you and your dog’s needs. I will be realistic about where we need to concentrate our efforts.

There are some battles you must win, and there are some we can live with.  After all, your dog is a pet!!

Does Your Dog Have Any of these Issues?

Dog training classes: What’s involved with my sessions?

The term ‘Dog Trainer’ can be misleading in that I don’t train the dog; you do.  You will have to agree to put the work in daily using the techniques I show you. The dog will only improve if you can show them it is worth their effort to improve.

My role is to support and guide you through the training process, so I only need to be there when required to move forward. Free text support is included, and I am happy for you to send video clips to review what’s happening.

The first thing I will teach you is how to communicate with your dog to understand what we want.  Very few trainers take this approach, and ignoring this vital step can impede training progress.

Can we train an older dog?

Yes, we can teach an old dog new tricks. We have to be patient as the dog will have spent a long time doing rewarding things such as pulling or ignoring you. We have to show the dog the old ways are no longer rewarding, and the new method is great fun and rewarding.

Can I use an electronic collar on my dog for training?

Yes, you can. However, no trainer worth anything will support you in this practice. There are more effective ways proven to train your dog. Ditch the E collar and start to make training fun and rewarding.