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Dog training in Colehill. A beginners guide

Be proud of the dog you own

Are you looking for one to one dog training in Colehill? Then you have come to the right place. Perhaps you have a new puppy and need puppy class training? I am a qualified dog trainer living in the Wimborne area which is ideal for you as using a local trainer has benefits. We can be very flexible with training times as you are close by. The key importance is because I am local I know the area, the parks and the distractions. I know Leigh Common and Blytheway field and Fenners Field if you want somewhere different for recall training as this is where I train my own dog.

What dog obedience training do we offer?

Puppy obedience training classes

We offer one on one puppy training classes if you live in Colehill at our Merley field. This will teach your young dog what is rewarding and what isn’t. Most of the time when we look at puppy training it is about teaching you the technique rather than the puppy. It is said many times on this website that we teach the puppy the behaviours we don’t want. If you live in Colehill, Furzehill, Pilford or Canford bottom then I can work with you to ensure your puppy learns the right way from the start.

dog training in colehill

Are you planning on getting a puppy then the best time to get a trainer involved

Dog obedience training

When I am called to review a dog for obedience training it is usually to try and rectify an unwanted behaviour. The common training issues I come across on a daily basis to do with recall and lead pulling. Does your dog ignore you when it is distracted by other dogs? Does your dog ignore you when you call his name? Muttley Solutions offers recall training in Colehill. This will mean your dog learns coming back to you is more rewarding than ignoring you.

Most days driving through Colehill I will see an owner being dragged along by their dog. Regardless of the size of the dog, it is never an enjoyable experience to have a dog who cannot loose lead walk. We have reinforced that pulling is actually rewarding because a dog gets to where it wants to go to. If you try pulling the dog back, yanking on the lead or taking other measures to stop the dog from pulling, then you just make it worse. There is no easy fix to try and get an older dog to stop pulling on the lead. However, with the right techniques, patience and you being persistence we can improve the situation.

These two common training issues can affect the relationship you have with your dog. However, there are other training and behaviour issues which need to be addressed. When we don’t set boundaries for our dogs then we can have issues with them being very excited and demanding.

Pet gundog training in Colehill

If you walk around the Colehill Wimborne area you will quickly see owners who are walking one of the gun dog breeds. There are a number of dogs that fall under the gun dog breed category. To complicate things further there are of course crossbreeds of the gun dog. Many owners have these breeds with no intention of working or competing with them. These are a working breed of the truest sense. They need their breed traits to be met or you could be facing training and behaviour issues. Training a gun dog breed can need a slightly different approach to training other dogs. If you have a Labrador puppy or an older Labrador who needs training or more challenges to stop them from getting bored then I specialise in this breed.

Muttley Solutions offers one-to-one pet gun dog training. Part of this training will be that the dog has excellent obedience and manners. These are the foundations for then training some of the gun dog techniques. This will play into your dog’s desire to hunt and retrieve. I will teach you the skills that you can challenge your dog when you take it out for a walk.

Affordable dog training

The reality is that 1:1 dog training is a big financial outlay. The reality is for many they are having to pay a trainer because they have training or behaviour issues. Not much fun parting with the money, when there are more important things to budget for. If you are training the dog say for gun dog training then there is more of a reward and it is seen as a long term investment.

Private dog training lessons in Colehill, Wimborne

You really have two options for your dog and puppy training classes. You can go to the many group sessions that are around in the Wimborne area. There you will pay £6-£10 a session. There might be up to 10 in a class depending on the trainer. This might seem like a cheap option. However, all those in the group need to get value for money in that hour session…….unlikely to happen.

Muttley Solutions offers dog training in Colehill and surrounding areas for a very competitive rate when you consider this is one to one training. You will get a 1-hour session to yourself with my attention fully on you and your dog. This means we can address the issues you have. We can go at your pace. Many owners can feel embarrassed in a group session when their dog is not getting the idea. Training with me does not matter. Click the button and find out how affordable 1:1 dog and puppy training classes can be.

About Colehill and dog training

Colehill is a parish neighbouring Wimborne Minster. Although the area is heavily built on with a number of large estates there is a healthy mix of open areas. Of course, further afield you have the New Forest and the coastal towns of Poole and Bournemouth. You have recreational grounds at Olivers Park and the nature reserve at Leigh common. The area is well planted with trees and makes it a great place to take your dog out for a walk or some training. The Forestry Commission plantation at Cannon Hill can be a busy place with walkers and dog walkers.

As a puppy and dog trainer, I believe in training in a realistic environment as this is a place you will be walking and training your dog. Therefore, we will discuss the sort of areas you take your dog in Colehill so that we can replicate training and the distractions that come with it. I see very little point in training in a nice warm hall and then expecting you to walk your dog in the woods at Cannon Hill or Olivers Park.

dog training in colehill
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