Dog training instructor in Corfe Mullen.

Are you looking for a dog trainer in the Corfe Mullen area for puppy class training or 1:1 dog training? I live about 10 minutes away, so unlike some dog trainers, I am your local dog training coach. We offer 1:1 training and puppy group training at a competitive price backed up with modern training practises.

This ensures that any training given is tailor-made to your dog’s specific needs and your requirements. Our prices are highly competitive for one-to-one training and the excellent ongoing support. If your planning getting a puppy or your puppy is less than 12 weeks then we can do a Zoom session. After that we will agree training environments which mirror the kind of places you go for your daily walks. We have a 2.5 acre field at Merley and use tha Hall at Upton, Poole for indoor puppy classes and dog scent training.

What services do we offer regarding puppy and dog classes?

Puppy group class training

We offer puppy obedience and socialisation classes we are aimed at preparing for live environment training. Until the puppy is more than 12 weeks old then any training will be done at your location. In my opinion the best place to start teaching your puppy the basics around obedience is in your own home and garden. This is because there are minimal distractions and it allows you to get to grasp with the techniques I teach. Once a puppy has completed all its injections then we are free to extend the training environment.

dog trainer in Corfe Mullen

Part of my training programme is that we train in live environments as these mirror the reality of your everyday walk. It is no good training in a nice warm hall and then expecting the puppy to transfer those skills to a distraction environment.

Dog scent training in Corfe Mullen

Muttley solutions offers Dog scent training for those living in the Corfe Mullen area. Scent training can be an activity that all dog breeds can participate in and is great for the older dog as it is a low impact activity. We have a dedicated scent park and have been trained by experts in scent training on the front line. Therefore you can be assured you are being trained for your scent experience the right way.

If you are thinking of getting a puppy then that is the ideal time to get a local puppy trainer in. A puppy is the sum of what we teach it. Therefore all the behaviours which you do not want in your puppy are taught by us. Working as a dog trainer in Corfe Mullen I will ensure that we put a plan in place which will teach your dog to start walking on a loose lead and not learning to pull on the lead. I like to get the puppy used to a whistle from day one and you will practice simple recalls in the house and the garden. This puts in the foundations for later when we start to train in a live environment and we don’t want the puppy to ignore us.

Dog training in Corfe Mullen

So you have found this page because you are looking for a dog trainer in the Corfe Mullen as you have an older dog who has some training issues. It would appear the most common time that a client gets me and to see the dog is when the dog is around 1 to 2 years old. Most people would have attended puppy class training and in the six weeks or maybe more. The issue is, the dog never carried the training forward. You have noticed over time the dog pulls more when you going to the park and won’t walk on a loose lead. Once you let the dog off it has a great time but totally ignore as you when you call it back. You become one of the many people in the park shouting and chasing their dog.

As a dog trainer Corfe Mullen I will work with you to put the fun back in owning your dog. However, the reality is any training we do is going to be harder because the dog has learnt many rewarding bad habits. What we need to do is show the dog that these behaviours are not rewarding and that the new behaviours we desire are.

Do you have a dog who is very demanding or gets easily excited? Then my style of training will help you to get a calmer dog. Again it is about showing the dog that old behaviours is not rewarding

Specialise in pet gun dog breeds

Do you have one of the gun dog breeds and are living in Corfe Mullen? Many people have one of the gun dog breeds or a variation of these breeds and keep them just as pets. As a dog training instructor I specialise in working with the gun dog breeds where the owners decided not to work or compete them. If you have a bored Labrador or a new Labrador puppy then I can help with training. The gun dog breed are a true working dog and for many the to walk today will not cut it for them. They will become bored and hyperactive and this becomes a slippery slope for problem dog. We need to harness their prey drive and make it work for us rather than them off chasing things.

What I offer at Muttley Solutions is an opportunity to learn about the breed you have and how to bring the best out of them. I have three outdoor training facilities which will challenge both you and the dog and make learning great fun. One of these fields is based at Lytchett Matravers, just down the road from Corfe Mullen and Broadstone.

Corfe Mullen

Corfe Mullen is a mid-size village in Dorset and it sides with Broadstone. It is a great place for getting outdoors as it is surrounded by open countryside. The Corfe Burrows nature Park was opened in 2016. The park is made up of eight natural areas and two of these lie within Corfe Mullen. These are the Happy bottom nature reserve and Cogdeans elms. These make a great area for training your dog in a live environment and we will use these as part of the training. I am also happy to train in the streets and shopping areas of Corfe Mullen as these are areas you access with your dog.

dog trainer in corfe mullen
Do you travel for dog training sessions

Yes all training is at your location or at a training area which you use on a daily basis. This makes training realistic. If you have a gun dog breed then you may wish to come to the filed at Lytchett Matravers.

How much does puppy and dog training cost?

I only offer 1:1 and group training and my prices are one of the most competitive around. I offer deals for advanced block bookings. You can find more information here.

What time are your training sessions

I like to be as flexible as I can as I understand we all have busy lives. If you look on the website you will see online booking facilities which offer days and times. If you have specific requests then contact me and I will try my best to accommodate you.