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If you are looking for dog or puppy training classes in Poole then you have come to the right page. As a dog trainer in Poole, I am called to review these common training issues on a daily basis. The reality is we taught the dog these behaviours. With my help we can turn them around so you have a dog you can be proud of. I offer one-to-one outdoor coaching which is individual to you and your dog. We also offer group puppy training classes in Poole which prepare your puppy to come to my live environments for more specialised training which will ensure you don’t have to miss out.

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My dog ignores me when there are other distractions around

This is a very common issue. Living in the Poole area I know many of the parks and beaches very well and often work with dogs in these areas. There is a concentration of dogs being walked and exercised and it does become a great playground. Many of my clients will tell me they have a great recall at home and in the garden, however, the dog will ignore them when they are in the parks at Hamworthy, Upton, Parkstone, Lilliput or on the beaches at Sandbanks.

Dog classes in Poole: Resolve recall training issues by understand the dog better

Once you understand the mindset of the dog and approach recall education from their perspective then it becomes easier. If you live in Oakdale, Newtown, and Parkstone areas Muttley Solutions can help you stop your dog from ignoring you when you call them. Imagine you are in Baiter Park, which is a very popular dog-walking area. You need to compete with all the dogs, people, and fun things to do. If you can’t then the dog will ignore you. I will help you to turn the odds in your favour so your dog thinks you are the best thing around.

dog training in poole
Dog training in Poole, solving recall and lead walking issues

Whilst we are teaching your dog to stop ignoring you when there are other dogs around we need to be selective where you train. High distractions environments are out. Everyone loves to take their dog to Sandbanks beach. That is the problem, there are too many dogs. I will help you be proactive and choose the right training grounds for success.

How do i stop my dog from pulling me when we walk

Dog training in Poole: Loose lead walking

As a dog trainer in I see everyday owners being pulled along by their dogs. Dogs pulling on the lead is my number 1 training issue. The reality is if you had the dog from a puppy then you taught them to pull. Taking the dog out for a walk in the parks they pulled and you followed. I bet most people reading this went to some puppy class in Poole or nearby. Did your dog walk to heel in the class and then when it got outside it pulled? This is a common issue with indoor training.

At Muttley Solutions we offer coaching sessions outdoors after 12 weeks. The simple answer is this mirrors the reality of where you will be taking the dog. If I am to help you educate your dog then I need to understand the environment and the distractions you will encounter. We can’t do that in a nice dry hall beyond the first basic puppy class. No dog training is easy and teaching an older dog to walk on a loose lead can be challenging. there is no quick fix because pulling on a lead is so rewarding. It gets to where it wants to go and you follow!! If you want your dog to walk on a loose lead when heading to the Poole parks, then contact us.

What services does Muttley Solutions offer in Poole?

We are highly competitive on pricing for dog classes and we will work on those areas you are finding a challenge.

Local outdoor dog training facility near Poole

We have a 2.5-acre training area in Merley which is local to Poole. I will train you to be proactive in a distraction environment whilst being in control of your dog. Brilliant place for practising loose lead walking and how to learn to stop the dog from pulling. It is also great for learning about recalling your dog from distractions. All training at the field is on a 1:1 basis.

Puppy training

If you don’t want to go to a class setting in Poole Town or they don’t fit into your busy life then puppy sessions with Muttley Solutions could be the way to go. One to one puppy training will mean we go at your pace and focus on the challenges. We teach most of the bad habits we don’t want in our dogs. Therefore, the best time to see me is BEFORE you get the puppy.

Dog training

Here at Muttley Solutions, we don’t just deal with poor recall education or the dog pulling on the lead. I will look at most other issues and help put in a realistic plan. If you have an overexcited dog who is demanding then we can help turn this around. If your dog barks at everything then I can help you manage this so the neighbours don’t complain!! There are many dog training issues that I can help with. The one thing which I don’t take on is dog aggression to people or other dogs. I can refer you to expert help who specialises in these areas.

Pet gun dog breed training

If you own a gun dog breed that you do not work then what I have to offer will change your relationship with your dog. I specialise in providing an ethical gun dog training approach that will help meet your dog’s breed traits of hunting and retrieving without working them or joining a gun dog club. Ignore what your dog is bred to do at your peril as a bored dog can be a problem dog. Do you have a bored Labrador who is demanding and has poor obedience skills? Perhaps you own one of the breeds from the Spaniel family and they need a job? Then Pet gundog training is ideal. One of the most popular breeds I now train in the Poole area is the Viszla. Anyone who owns a Vizsla knows it can be a challenge sometimes and my style of training allows you to focus their busy minds.

I teach you gundog education techniques that play into challenging both you and the dog and making training fun. We ensure a high level of obedience and manners through the training syllabus where you can attain, Bronze, Silver and Gold awards.

Dog Scent training in Poole

What better way can there be than to work to your dog’s best sense? We are qualified to City and Guilds level and can offer scent training which will challenge your dog and work to what they do best…sniff!! We offer scent training on a Saturday morning at Upton Community Centre, Poole. We also have purpose scent equipment and scenario-based training so that you can start to work as a team. The great thing about scent training is any breed can get involved. Great for older dogs who are not as agile. Also great for the older owner!! During the actual search, dogs are 1:1 so great activity for nervous and reactive dogs. If you live in the Poole area then Dorset scent training the right way could be your new activity.

Top reasons why Poole is great for dog walkers and training!

Not only is it the largest town in Dorset, but I personally believe Poole is one of the most picturesque towns in the whole of the UK. If you have ever walked along the Quay or visited one of the stunning coastal beaches surrounding the town then I imagine it is pretty hard to disagree with that.

Taking in the surrounding areas of Bournemouth and Christchurch, the area is home to around half a million people but historians have discovered that human settlements in the town actually dates back to the Iron Age!

Fast forward to the modern-day though and Poole is a bustling and lively town that is fantastic for young couples, families and professionals. With a huge array of stunning natural landscapes and purpose-built attractions, it is a great location for raising a dog and dog walking.

There are plenty of locations to take your companion for a day out walking or practising, there are lots of options but some of my favourites include:

dog training in Poole
Dog and Puppy Training in the Poole area

Poole Quay

Definitely a great spot in the early morning, the historic quayside is a fantastic walk along the seafront that delves deep into the history of the town. Although in the day the area can be particularly busy, earlier and later in the day can see the crowds die down and let you take in the stunning views across the harbour and marina.

Poole Park

Just a few minutes walk from the centre of the town is the 110 acre Poole Park which is the perfect place for dog walks and letting your companion run free through parkland and around the various lakes and the lagoon.

Upton Country Park

Another great choice for a weekend stroll in the gorgeous Upton Country Park. Open seven days a week, the park has a lot of wide-open space for your dog to play in. The best part for Poole dog walkers however is the facilities for your pet – there is an enclosed Dog Training Area which you can book your companion in to but there is also a free dog washing facility located in the main car park – meaning you can clean your pooch off after a muddy walk around the park!

Hamworthy Park Beach

Hamworthy Park Beach is one of the designated dog beaches in the area, which means that you are able to take your dog for a walk there all year round. Offering some great views over the harbour and towards Purbeck Hills, it is a beautiful spot and perfect for walking your dog along the sandy shore. It is important to remember though that if you head up towards the promenade then you will need to keep your pet on a lead and practise loose lead walking

Compton Acres

One of the largest and finest private gardens in the South of England, Compton Acres welcomes well-behaved dogs that are kept on a lead to explore their stunning classical themed gardens. The circular walk around the gardens is a fantastic way to spend an afternoon and there’s a nice café at the end to take a stop at!

Of course, these are just five locations that help to prove why Poole is a brilliant place for walking your dog. Being based in the area, I know it very well and often use these locations during my training sessions – so if you live near Poole and want to know more, or train your dog, then get in touch with me today to find out more.

Will you come to my location for the training sessions?

Since Covid 19 I no longer come to your property. We run puppy classes for puppies between 12-18 weeks at Upton community centre on a Saturday. Muttley Solutions has a private training field at Merley where we do 1:1 dog training (group sessions will be coming soon). We also offer dog Scent training both at the Hall and the field.

Can you stop my dog from being so demanding and excited?

Many of the training issues I see are usually symptoms of other issues. Dogs love to have structure and leadership. Failure to provide this and many dogs can start to show issues around ignoring you and being demanding. A few changes on your part can resolve some of these issues.