Dog training in Swanage

Dog training in Swanage: We can help resolve lead pulling and recall issues and give your dog a job!!

Are you looking for dog training in Swanage or the surrounding areas of Dorset? Muttley Solutions has just opened a brand new 6.5 acre training facility near Corfe castle called the Purbeck Dog Park. Here you can join our group classes for general dog training, speciality workshops on recall training and loose lead walking issues. We specialise in offering pet gundog training so we can keep your gundog breed busy if you have decided not to work them.

Dog training in Swanage

Dog training in Swanage: what do we offer?

Pet gundog training in the Swanage area is our speciality. Do you have a one of the gundog breeds or cross breeds which you are not working? If you don’t give your gundog a job to do they will find one!! We have a new large training facility near Corfe Castle where we hold small pet gundog group classes or arrange 1:1 training if you need specific help.

We offer general puppy and dog training in Swanage where we can discuss the issues which are affecting your relationship with your dog. If I do a review and feel the issue is behaviour related and cannot be addressed with training then I will advise with regards to seeing a Behaviourist. However, targeted training and you providing consistency and guidance can usually address some of the more common issues.

Dorset Dogs Scent World offers the exciting activity of scent detection at its purpose built scent detection park. The dog’s nose and its phenomenal sense of smell can be put to good use with scent detection. The basics are we condition the dog to some certain smells, make these rewarding and then hide items which have the smell on them. The dog will then use this sense to locate the item. Works exactly like the sniffer dogs at airports etc.

Once the basic training is done we can setup up search scenarios and you and your dog work as a team to locate the items. This can be as a team or individual. We can do timed sessions for searching cars and other sets. There will be scent orienteering on the Rempstone Estate where you will be given a location to find. Once there it is up to your dog to locate the container which has your next location inside.

Scent detection is suitable for all dogs and owners. We set the searches according to your needs. Great activity for nervous dogs as searches are conducted on a 1:1 basis.

Do you come to Swanage to do the dog training?

No we don’t come to Swanage. We have a purpose built training facility near Corfe Castle which is in easy travelling distance from Swanage.

Can any dog do the pet gundog training

Absolutely! This type of training will ensure you have excellent basic obedience and manners and so this is a great place for any dog. We can then adapt some of the techniques to suit your breed. Contact me and we can always have a chat.

Is scent training really suitable for any type of dog?

Yes it is. All dogs have a fantastic sense of smell and we can utilise that. Doesn’t matter what breed or age we can get them involved with scent training. This is a great way of getting or nervous or reactive dog involved in an activity as it can be done 1:1.

About Swanage in Dorset

Swanage is a coastal town situated in the southeast of the English county of Dorset. This seaside town is surrounded by marine structures such as Poole harbour and Old Harry Rocks to the north and Durlston Bay and County Park to the south. With a population of less than ten thousand as of 2011, Swanage appears to be a peaceful area perfect for any tourist or resident.

Swanage bay is located six miles south of Poole and was formed from chalk and Purbeck limestone, while the valley in which the town of Swanage itself is situated is made up of softer Wealden clays. Coastal erosion has occurred naturally for centuries and has formed structures called stacks along the headland. Quarrying has also been performed on Swanage in order to extract Purbeck limestone, and in doing so several fossils from the dinosaur age have been discovered. Swanage is accessible by several main roads which allow the transport of cars and buses in and out of the town. Additionally, bus services, a railway system and national express coaches offer alternative transport methods to citizens and tourists in Swanage.


Swanage originated as a small port and fishing village, however quarrying has also been an important element of the town’s development since the 1st century AD. At this time, the Romans had occupied the town and would use the extracted Purbeck limestone and marble as decoration not only in Swanage but also in other towns, and even in London. When the Romans left, quarrying in Swanage came to a halt until the twelfth century, when demand for Purbeck marble began to rise. While Purbeck marble weathers badly and therefore is used mainly for indoor structures, Purbeck limestone is used more commonly in the construction industry. This can be seen as far back as 1966, when it was used extensively for paving following the destruction of the Great Fire of London.

What to do in Swanage

Swanage is home to many sports teams such as Swanage Town and Herston F.C., Swanage and Wareham Rugby Club, Swanage and Wareham Hockey club, and Swanage Cricket club. Other popular sports include walking and rock climbing on the sea cliffs on the west of Swanage. The town is also a popular location for many water sports including kayaking, swimming, canoeing and jet skiing. Swanage is also known as the home of British scuba diving due to its ideal sheltered conditions within the bay.

Furthermore, Swanage hosts several events and festivals throughout the year, such as a carnival week during the summer. This includes dancing, floats, and fireworks as well as live music from bands and performers from all over England. This attracts many tourists to Swanage as these visitors stay in various hotels and guest rooms, taking in the pristine white beaches and beautiful scenery. Local businesses also provide these tourists with refreshments and services, as well as allowing the rent of boats, deck chairs and other water sports equipment.

Swanage is a scenic town brimming with attractions and desirability in which any resident or tourist would be happy to stay.