Dog training in Wareham

Dog Training in Wareham: Puppy classes and Pet Gundog training

Muttley Solutions offers dog training in Wareham. We specialise in Pet Gundog Training and have a fantastic training facility close to Wareham in Dorset called Purbeck Dog Park. We also offer puppy class training which is used as a preparation for attending group dog training. This is held at Upton Community Centre on a Saturday morning and is a 6-week course. The aim of this course is to prepare you for live environment training at one of our fields at Merley near Wimborne or Corfe Castle. Then there is Dorset Dogs Scent World which will let you train and experience the amazing world of dog scent training

Dog training in Wareham: Dog recall issues resolved.

If you live in Wareham, we can offer expertise in dog recall and offer specialised 45-minute group training at our 6.5-acre training facility near Corfe Castle. We focus on whistle recall, being proactive, and understanding what makes or breaks a successful recall. We offer an advanced recall training course which could be suitable for your dog.

Are you suffering Loose lead walking Issues when walking around Wareham?

This is such a frustrating issue for many owners. Remember it is not natural for a dog to walk on a lead, let alone walk at the side of you. We have to teach this process and break it down into smaller parts. If you live in Wareham and suffer from your dog pulling on the lead then we can help. At our group sessions at Purbeck Dog Park, we focus just on loose lead walking and break down all the techniques into smaller parts. You then become proficient at these. When you can get it right the dog stands a chance of getting it right!!

dog training in wareham
Purbeck Dog Park

Gundog Training classes in Wareham, Dorset

If you have one of the gundog breeds and have decided not to work them then Muttley Solutions has the experience and facilities to help you. We can give you the confidence and the tools to enrich their lives, help you bond with your dog and also give yourself a challenge. Dorset Pet Gundog Training will take you and your dog on a journey where you become a team and you can meet your dog’s inbuilt drive to work. You can harness the natural prey drive and focus it so you can both be challenged and have fun.

Do you suffer any of these training issues?

  • Does your pet gundog have a poor recall with distractions?
  • Would you like to be able to whistle recall your dog like a pro?
  • Can you walk your pet gundog on a loose lead or walk to heel off lead?
  • If you live in Wareham are you looking for somewhere to train your pet gundog?
  • Do you have a Springer, Cocker and Sprocker that are completely wired and are too busy on walks?
  • Give your Labrador a job to do because if you don’t they will find one.
  • Do you have one of the many gundog cross breeds and would like to give them a job?

If any of the above sound familiar and you live in and around Wareham, Dorset then Muttley Solutions can help. We have a large training facility near Corfe Castle where we can get the basic training in place. This is the foundations for the Pet gundog training before we start the gundog techniques.

Scent training in Wareham

If you have a dog you can do scent training with Dorset Dogs Scent World in Wareham. This is a low impact activity which works your dog’s greatest strength. Unless there is a medical reason then all dogs can participate in this exciting pastime. Excellent activity for the nervous or reactive dog as actual searches are done on a 1:1 basis. We can also offer 1:1 scent training at our purpose built scent park near Wimborne.

Dorset dog scent training
1:1 scent training for nervous and reactive dogs

Learn to find hidden drugs or firearms ( Not real of course!!) in our scenario setups. Secure an area for a VIP guest or just work the Scent Wall. In-house competitions will be held to test skills and speed of both the dog and yourself in your scent skills as a Scent Dog Handler. Initial training will be held at Upton Community Centre on a Saturday Morning so we can get the basics in place.

Our Scent facility just outside Wareham has access to Rempstone Estate where we can do scent orienteering. This is where you and your dog work as a team to find locations and clues so you can complete a circuit. This will be for fun, but we will also have timed events.

Wareham Town

Wareham is a small English town located on the River Frome and in the county of Dorset. The valley of the River Frome is made up mostly of sand and clay and therefore has marshy river plains. These plains surround a low dry island on which the town of Dorset was built.

Travelling to and from Wareham can be done with ease thanks to the town’s train station on the Southwestern Main Line railway, as well as the A351 and A352 roads which both bypass the town. This railway also plans to extend in the near future in order to improve the town’s infrastructure and attract more people to visit the beautiful area of Wareham.

Additionally, Wareham Forest, a large coniferous forest, is located to the northwest of the town. This forest covers several square miles and is home to several wildlife species from the sika deer to the less common sand lizard. This area is excellent for dog training but can get busy.

The town offers citizens the use of a multi-sports activity centre and a swimming pool, while other attractions in the area include Godlingstone Heath nature reserve, Poole harbour, the Purbeck hills, and twelve miles south of Wareham is the location of the English Channel.

Wareham has been an important location throughout history due to its location on the River Frome. Archaeologists have dated early settlement in Wareham back as far as the Mesolithic age around the year 9000 BC. The current town of Wareham was founded by the Saxons and was given its name from a combination of the names for the Saxons’ fish traps, “wer” and their name for home, “ham”.

Some of the oldest historical attractions in Wareham are the ramparts or town walls surrounding the town. These walls were built close to the 9th century as a means of defending the town against the attacking Danes. In 1762 the town was almost entirely destroyed by a great fire and was therefore rebuilt with Purbeck limestone and red brick in the style of Georgian architecture. Wareham also provided housing and training facilities for 7’000 soldiers in 1914 as the first world war broke out, and in the second world war a bomb dropped by a German plane destroyed five houses.

Wareham is also home to several sports teams such as Wareham Rangers football club, who play in the Dorset Premier League, as well as Swanage and Wareham RFU. Another popular pastime for the people of Wareham as well as visitors is fishing in the River Frome. Free fishing is allowed from the town bridge and along the river down to the marina, meaning there is enough room for several fishermen to fish at the same time.

Ultimately, Wareham is a spectacular town for anyone from a family looking to settle down in a new location, or simply an individual who wishes to relax and spend some time in a beautiful English town.