How much does it cost for puppy, dog training classes in Dorset?

What Muttley Solutions offers and the cost of training with us.

Live 1:1 online consultation for puppies less than 12 weeks.

puppy training

Sessions will be up to 1 hour long They will cost £22 which is payable at booking.

All clients should have this first Zoom/phone session if their puppy has not had all injections or you are planning on getting a puppy. We can have a chat and put a plan in place.

Puppy Training Classes

puppy training poole

This is a 6-week puppy training course where there will be a maximum of 5 puppies with two trainers. The concept of this course is as a preparation for live environment 1:1 or group training. The cost of the 6-week course is £95. It is held on a Saturday morning at Upton Community Centre. Suitable for puppies 12-18 weeks.

1:1 Dog Training classes

dog training Dorset one to one classes

1:1 training at Merley Training Field £26 for 45 minutes.

1:1 training at Purbeck Dog Park £26 for 45 minutes.

Currently very busy. I do have some availability which is not shown on the booking page so always worth contacting me.

Group dog training Purbeck Dog Park

purbeck dog park

Group training workshops will be available from Saturday 31st July at our Purbeck Dog Park near Corfe Castle. Cost for 45 minutes £11

Workshops will specialise in Recall, Loose lead walk and Off lead work. They will be drop-in/refresher sessions so you can focus on specific issues.

Group Pet Gundog Training at Purbeck Dog Park

group pet gundog training

Group Pet Gundog Training will be held at the Purbeck Dog Park, near Corfe Castle as of Saturday 31st July.

Beginners Class: 6 workshops will be £105. The dog will need a basic obedience level. If in doubt contact me to discuss before booking.

These classes will focus on the basic gundog techniques. Group size will be up to 5 dogs. They are not obedience classes.

1:1 Pet Gun Dog Training

pet gun dog training

1:1 45 minutes session will be £26. This will be at the Merley training facility

Dorset Dogs Scent World.

The 5-week dog scent training course will be £120. The session will last 1 hour. This will get you to the level of junior Scent Rating and able to participate on the larger scent days. This will also include your basic scent kit

The 3 hour scenario-based scent experience will be £40

What does dog training cost with Muttley Solutions?

Dog Training The Right Way is both affordable and convenient. We offer flexible one to one training both online and in our training field. We also offer a 6-week group puppy class training at our Hall in Upton, Poole with the sole aim of preparing you to get your dog out into the real world safely. Muttley Solutions also offers Canine scent training within the Dorset area.

We are one of the most competitive on pricing for one to one training in the area, but the quality is not compromised.  I am so confident of the service I offer I will refund your first session if you decide my style of teaching is not for you. If you have your first session and you don’t want to continue then just ask for a refund and I will be happy to oblige. I want you to be happy regardless of if you work with me or not. 

High level of support given

Classes will be on a one to one basis which will be specific to you, your dog and your pace. No set weekly classes. We train together when you need support or to move forward. You get free email support whilst you are training with me. How many other trainers offer that level of support away from the class training environment?

This level of support can sometimes save us having a session as we can resolve the problem on the phone. Some clients will send a video so I can review and advise. Many times the client just needs that support as dog training is like a roller coaster with good and bad days. If you are trying to train a new puppy with young children around this can be a stressful time.  

dog training prices
Why is puppy and dog training expensive?

Most people will have invested a lot of money into buying their puppy, but not considered dog training prices. You should factor the cost of training into owning a dog. The reality is by investing in the right training at the start you can hopefully avoid large behaviourist bills later. The right trainer will have invested a significant amount of money to ensure they have the right training. Remember you usually get what you pay for so look at training as an investment so you can enjoy your time with your new dog.

Can I train my own dog?

Many people try to train their own dog, only a few succeed. Training your dog to save money is a false economy in the long run. Get a qualified trainer, agree on a plan and put the practice in. I always say I train the owner, not the dog. That is why you will struggle to train your dog. The issue is not with the dog it is the owner!!

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