Dorset Dog Trainer

The Dorset Dog Trainer Can Help With All Your Training Issues

If you live in Dorset and suffer from Recall Issues or your dog Pulls On The Lead, Gary, a Dorset Dog Trainer, can help. He only offers ethical solutions which focus on us showing your dog what we want and setting them up for success rather than wasting effort in telling them what we don’t want.

Gundog Training in Dorset

Having your dog should not just be about training because all dogs need a job regardless of breed. Gary has a keen interest in all Gundog breeds, Pedigree and cross breeds. Come to his Pet Gundog Training and challenge both your dog and yourself to the 5 levels from absolute beginner to seasoned dog handler without ever going on a shoot. If you are planning to work your dog then get in touch and we can have a chat about what you are after.

gundog training in dorset
Water retrieve

Pet Scent Training at Dorset Dog Scent World

All breeds are important and all breeds need a job. Therefore Gary has trained as a Pet dog Scent Instructor and holds a City & Guild to give you the best experience in your Scent Journey. This is suitable for all breeds, big and small, young and old. Fantastic activity for those reactive or nervous dogs.

Puppy Training Classes in Dorset.

Gary holds Puppy Training Classes at an indoor venue at Upton in Poole. He focuses on a small syllabus to ensure the client can be safe with their dog when they go into the real world. Remember no one walks their dog in a dry warm hall everyday so training needs to reflect this and prepare the owner and dog for this.

As a Dorset Dog Trainer, Gary understands training goes hand in hand with having fun. This, in turn, builds a relationship between you and your dog. Look below and see what Dog Training The Right Way can offer you for 2022. Make this the year you bring out the full potential of your dog.

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Lead pulling issues,

Overexcited and demanding,

Puppy training,

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Pet Gundog training,

Pet Dog Scent training

Dorset Dog Trainer dealing with recall and lead issues.
Dorset Dog Trainer, All breed welcome

As Dorset dog trainer Gary has two outdoor training facilities. There is the Purbeck Dog Park which is near Corfe Castle. This is a great location if you live near Wareham, Weymouth, Swanage and surrounding areas. The Field at Merley near Poole is where Gary holds his 1:1 general dog training where we cover issues like recall and lead pulling. 1:1 Pet Gundog training can also be booked for this location. One to One scent training is proving very popular at Dorset Dogs scent world. This is local to Wareham, Ringwood, Poole, Bournemouth and surrounding areas.

More about Dorset

Delightful Dorset; a Dog Owner’s Dream

Sometimes we just need a break. The hustle and bustle of city life tend to get overwhelming at times, and we just want to get away and relax for a while. So if you feel like you’re way overdue for a vacation and are looking for a beautiful getaway, we have just the place for you. Dorset! It has something for everybody, even your furry best friend.

Where is Dorset?

Dorset is a picturesque county situated in the South West of England, along the glittering coast of the English Channel. Dorset is known for its Jurassic Coast- maybe you’ll spot some old dinosaur bones while you’re there! The Jurassic coast is a true haven for any archaeology enthusiast; you can collect ancient fossils while enjoying clifftop walks and exploring seaside towns full of local attractions.

What Can I do in Dorset?

There are so many fun and interesting things you can do in Dorset; they have activities that cater to a whole host of different interests.

If you’re interested in experiencing true old-world English charm, visit rural Dorset. You can get lost in its quaint countryside, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. You can go camping- or glamping if that’s more your speed- in luxury yurts on authentic Dorset farms. The best part is you can take your doggie friend with you; Fluffy is sure to enjoy running around the open grasslands, free to get a little muddy and splash in puddles. You and your dog are sure to have the time of your lives.

If you’re a literary buff, you will get a kick out of following in the footsteps of Thomas Hardy. He mentions Dorset in his famed novel Tess of the d’Urbervilles, and you can still find the 16th-century former coaching inn functioning as a hotel today! They have Thomas Hardy-themed rooms, beautiful oak walls, and roaring warm fires. They also have a dog-friendly pub, so you can bring your doggo with you when you’re having a pint!

Wandering around Dorset, there are many sights to see. You can see a naked chalk giant, as Hardy did, and climb on the largest hillfort in Europe. You can explore Dorset on foot or by bike, or on a horse. Riding a horse around in the fresh country air, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped inside a Jane Austen novel.

If you’re tired of walking, relax and have a picnic with Dorset Donkeys braying melodically in the background. Then, visit the beach, climb a cliff, or zoom around on an inflatable speedboat. It’s the best way to get a panoramic view of Dorset county.

Being on vacation means it’s time to relax. Many luxurious stay-in spas in Dorset combine old-world country charm with modern spa amenities. You can find Jacuzzis, saunas, indoor pools, and many different types of massage facilities inside a beautifully furnished spa, with plush, comfortable bedrooms and delectable food.

Dorset has an aura of mystery and intrigue and is home to several urban legends. One of the most famous urban legends is the Ghost of the Cloaked Highwayman. He is said to haunt a local hotel, which used to be a coaching inn. So who knows, maybe he will make an appearance during your stay! Don’t worry, though; if you get too scared, your dog will be by your side to keep you safe as the hotel is dog-friendly.

Dorset is a foodie-paradise. Enjoy authentic English food in several amazing restaurants. Have you ever tried clotted cream tea? You can’t get more British than that!

Ready to Explore Dorset? You can explore these beautiful places.

Poole, Bournemouth, and Blandford

If you want to spend your holiday at the beach, Poole is the perfect place. It is a charming coastal town with a large natural harbour and white, sandy beaches. The town is beautiful, with charming Georgian architecture and many natural, wooded areas. Nature enthusiasts can enjoy picturesque hikes to spot local wildlife such as red squirrels. Then, take a boat ride from Poole Harbor south to Brownsea Island, where you can visit the Brownsea castle, an actual 16th century home open for the public to explore.

North of Poole lies Blandford Forum. A charming market town with beautiful architecture, it should be a definite stop on your Dorset vacation. South of Poole lies Bournemouth. A sophisticated Victorian seaside resort with thriving nightlife and vibrant scenery; the perfect vacation spot in Dorset.

Swanage on the Isle of Purbeck

If you yearn for the days of yore, the coastal town of Swanage is the place for you. Entering the town, you feel as if you have stepped right off the pages of a Victorian novel. Then, you can chug along a steam train through the countryside, arriving at the beautiful seaside resort.

Stroll leisurely along the Victorian Pier, gazing at the waters of Swanage Bay from Durlston Castle. The perfect place for romance and nostalgia, you can explore the quaint villages of Studland, Worth Matravers, and Corfe Castle on your trip to Swanage.

Swanage beach is family-friendly and dog friendly- so you can have fun with your entire family, including the furry members! Watch your dog frolicking in the water while you enjoy the golden coast with your family- it sounds like paradise!

Wimborne Minster

A quintessential blend of history and hospitality, Wimborne Minster is a market town in Dorset county. Visit Moore’s valley, horse around at one of Wimborne’s many horse farms, and explore the history of the town and Priest’s House Museum. It is a must-stop on your Dorset tour.


If you want to relax and have fun simultaneously, Wareham is the place for you. The perfect spot for adventure-seekers, you can do a lot here. You can see bears, go biking, kayaking, see cows and capuchins and ride a boat to a castle.

Go to the Blue pool and see the bears. Take a hike along the woodland paths or go kayaking amidst white water waves. There are many fun activities for you and your dog!

Why is Dorset the perfect holiday spot for you and your dog? Simply because Dorset dog trainers are the best. You will find some of the best-behaved dogs here, trained by skilled Dorset dog trainers. So, bring your dog and make memories in Dorset that would last a lifetime! A great location to stay with all this on your doorstep are the Shepard Huts at Rempstone, near Corfe Castle.