Challenge Your Pet Gun Dog Breed Even Though You Don’t Want To Work Them

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Please Note: This is pet gun dog training classes which helps meet their breed requirements if you are not working them. It is currently not for  training in the live environment or competition. There are clubs who specialise in providing this.

Muttley Solutions offers a service which will allow you to challenge your gun dog breed using the tried and tested techniques from the gun dog world. Many people have a dog which is classified as a gun dog breed but have no intention of working them.

Booking Your Training at the Gun Dog Training For Pets

What training do we offer for your gun dog?

  • Obedience and good manners based around gun dog skills
  • All training is outside in the real world of distractions.
  • Specific recall training taking into account gun dog traits
  • Being under control in a high distraction environment.
  • Improving your confidence and skills around your dog.
  • Dogs learning to ignore other dogs……run a special class for this
  • Live environment group walks with a trainer

You can book your gun dog training classes here with my online booking system. You must have attended at least two sessions at the One to One Training to be able to book on the group training sessions. This is so I can assess the suitability of your dog for this training.  Contact me if you have any questions or want some specific training.

Why Pet Gun Dog Training is Different to Gun Dog Training

Early on in my dog training career I started to realise I was seeing a lot of clients who had a gun dog breed such as a Springer Spaniel or a Labrador which had training issues. Many of these dogs bordered on having behavioural issues. When I looked into this further I realised that the issue was not with the dog, but with the owner.

Many owners knew what breed they had, but not what the purpose of the dog was…..why was it bred? What is its breed traits as a dog?

As with many dogs these were getting the two walks a day to the park and if the dog was lucky let off the lead for a run and hopefully a successful recall.

I had one client who had a 4 year old Springer Spaniel which I not been off the lead outside of the garden in 3 years due to it running off and not coming back. It had no recall at all and there were other issues as well.

The Gun Dog Breeds are a working dog in the true sense. They have been bred to hunt, flush, retrieve on land and water. They will work in all conditions and have great stamina to work hard with only short rests.

These dogs need to be doing, to be busy. They also need structure, and a kind, but firm hand to direct this energy in a positive outlet. To achieve this the dog needs excellent obedience and manners.

Many of the owners I see who have a pet gun dog breed will proudly tell me their dog is from a good working background, it’s parents were working gun dogs.

What they don’t understand is whilst this looks good on the pedigree papers it come with issues if the dog’s breed traits are not met.

Owners who have bought a gun dog breed as a pet have no intention of working the dog in a live environment or in the field trials. However, just because the owner has decided their dog is not going to work to its breed traits the dog has not signed up to that.

Gun dog training for the working dog has a proven past. Thankfully, many gun dog trainers are now leaving the old ways of training behind and adopting more modern approaches. It is a highly structured practised method of training which plays well to what the dog is designed to do.

A dog will only be as good as the training it gets and the owner who is doing the practice. When you see a well trained gun dog working it is an amazing sight to see. This did not just happen, it took hundreds of training hours to get there. Of course the pet dog does not require this level of training.

What Will You Learn on the Pet Gun Dog Classes?

The fundamental backbone to gun dog training is excellent obedience skills and a high level of manners. If a gun dog owner does not have these in place then they are going to struggle to teach the more demanding aspects of gun dog training classes.

The same applies if you and your dog attend my gun dog training facility. On the first session I will observe both you and the dog to see how the team is made up.  Don’t worry about this it is just so we have a baseline of where the issues are and I can put a plan in place. Remember if you had the perfect dog you would not be reading this page!!

Training Syllabus

So that we have focus in the training schedule I have a Bronze, Silver and Gold syllabus. All the dogs who start with me will commence on the Bronze path.  The Silver and Gold training are optional.

The Bronze is about getting that obedience and manners spot on.  It is about putting structure in place and starting to utilise what the dog is already good at. You will become an expert at CPPR which is:

  • Consistency
  • Persistence
  • Patience
  • Repetition

This training at Bronze level is perhaps 70% training you and 30% training the dog. Most of the issues we find in dogs stem from poor leadership, poor structure and poor technique in the owner.

I pull no punches here in that this training is challenging for both the dog and yourself.  However, it is great fun and you will develop a bond with your dog which wasn’t there before. To the dog you will be great fun because you spend quality time with them doing fun things.

Some of the Techniques you will learn

  • Setting up a line of communication between you and the dog
  • First session will be about assessing the dog in the environment so we can put a plan in place.
  • Safety on the training area.  You being proactive not reactive
  • The messages you give to your dog which cause problems with training.
  • Loose lead 
  • Equipment
  • Long Line work. Using this equipment correctly and safely
  • Working on basic obedience and good manners. This will be a big part of the teaching time.
  • The importance of doing nothing!!
  • Whistle work
  • Recall in a distraction environment. Cover all aspects of the recall.
  • Being steady….able to sit with distractions
  • Working with a dummy
  • Retrieving
  • Release to hand
  • Marked retrieve
  • Memory retrieve
  • Blind retrieve
  • Changing direction
  • Depending if you are Bronze, Silver or Gold will determine what we work on.

Gun Dog Training Facilities to Teach and Challenge Your Pet

Muttley Solutions is in the fortunate position that we have a 2.5 acre area for training your pet gun dog depending on their needs and experience.

Part of this is a very high distraction environment with lots of wildlife to challenge you and your dog. Don’t worry you won’t be going in there to train until I think you and the dog are ready and safe.

I also have a fenced secure area which is the main training area for new dogs to the training facility. This is still a high distraction area and will allow us to teach and test the recall.

I have a quite low distraction environment where I do some small group sessions for new dogs to the training. I am hoping soon to develop some puppy class training sessions here.

Below are a couple of videos which give you an idea of what the fields look like.

Secure training area video

Youtube Video: Secure Training Area

Open training area video

Youtube Video: Open Training Area

What will you get from attending the Gun Dog Training for Pets?

What I offer is different from the traditional gun dog training classes some local clubs offer. This is aimed at giving you an introduction into the gun dog training techniques without joining a club or working your dog.

This will mean you can meet your dog’s breed traits with the confidence and knowledge to ensure they are mentally stimulated. You can make your normal walks challenging and fun for both of you. You will be more confident in a high distraction environment and start being proactive rather than reactive to your surroundings.

Many of my clients come to the training centre once or twice a month just to learn new techniques and advance through the syllabus. There is no ongoing commitment. If there is availability you book and turn up.

Opening Times

The centre is open every Saturday, Sunday and weekday sessions for gun dog training classes so you have a lot of choice and flexibility. You can make bookings at the top of the page and if there is anything else I can help with then contact me.

How do I train my dog to retrieve on a shoot?

Get yourself a qualified and experienced gun dog instructor. Muttley Solutions only offers training to those who have a gun dog breed and don’t wish to work or compete them

How do I train my gun dog to come back to me when I call them?

Recall training is essential for all dogs. For gun dog breeds who have a high work ethic and high prey drive it is even more important they have a solid recall in distraction. Muttley Solutions can help you with recall issues if you have a working or non-working gun dog.

What lead should I use with a gun dog?

Most people favour a slip lead as this is the lead of choice by those who work their dogs in the field. The reason being the working gun dog does not wear a collar to avoid it getting caught. Therefore the slip lead is idea for this situation. A slip lead should not be used on dogs who pull as the lead will tighten as the dog pulls. It is better to have an appropriate collar and lead and train the dog not to pull on the lead. Once the dog will walk without pulling then a slip lead can be used if the dog is working in the undergrowth.