Pet gun dog group training


Gun Dog Group Classes

Gun Dog Breeds need to learn to be in the presence of other dogs without this being a signal for playing, barking or other unwanted behaviour. Unlike the gun dogs who meet up in groups each week to work or compete most pet gun dog breeds don’t get this regular exposure to other dogs.  Therefore, it is exciting and can lead to unwanted behaviours.  The aim of these classes is to do exercises which will challenge your dog and start to teach them that the presence of other dogs does not mean they get access to other dogs.  They will learn self control and patience. You will learn to be proactive and make the right decisions for your dog. 

This is not for individual teaching within the class, but as a class as a whole.  This is about teaching both owners and dogs to work with their dogs whilst other dogs and people are around.  If specific issues are identified then these can be addressed in the one to one sessions. 

Entry criteria is that you have attended more than 1 sessions with me on the one to one sessions.  This is so I know your dog and how you handle them. 

I will be holding other group training classes in the high distraction field, but you will have had to prove yourself in the low distraction area first to get entry into this class. 

These classes will be held at the field at the Morden Village Hall on a Saturday at 08:00 on the dates shown on the booking system. We will not have access to the building and I am on probation so please do not use the building if it is open!!  Session will be an hour and will cost £10.

There are 6 slots and you only have a place once I have sent you a confirmation email.

Please read before booking

There are some strict rules which you agree to abide by if you make a booking. 

  • No dogs will be off lead at anytime unless I have said so
  • Before class starts no dogs are to meet and that includes in the carpark.  If you wish to talk to each other your dogs must must on the lead correctly for talking and not have access to each other. This applies when class has finished.  Dogs will meet in class, but the right way!!!
  • No one is to stroke another persons dog. This applies to any visitors who have attended.
  • We must not walk across the football pitch with the dogs.  Please walk around!!
  • All mess MUST be cleaned up and put in the bins
  • You must attend with a suitable lead which we will have discussed in class
  • You must have a whistle
  • High quality treats please
  • Ball or throw.
  • Poo Bags
  • Non-attendance on the day will still incur the £10
  • Class will run in rain and snow where the roads are safe. Please dress appropriately.  Happy for you to bring a warm drink as we will have a short break. 

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