Pet gun dog recall training

Dog whistle recall training simply refers to the act of training your dog to return to you the first time you call them. This is one of the most important elements of pet gun dog recall training. It is vital to ensure your dog is recall trained effectively before bringing them to any public places without a lead. Once your dog has completed whistle recall training it will be safer and acceptable to let them off their lead in suitable places. This will also improve the relationship you have with your dog and the enjoyment you both get from this relationship. If you have a pet gun dog breed in the Dorset area which has a poor recall then we can help.

Ignoring the owner when called

In general, dogs will perform, act, and behave in the way that is most beneficial for them. This means that in order to effectively train a dog to recall, a reward system can be incredibly helpful. This helps the dog to learn the behaviour of recall and associate it with a reward. When a dog does not return to its owner when called, this is generally due to the bad habits the dog has already learned and associates reward with. Additionally, many dogs will fail to recall when placed in a highly distracting environment such as a forest or public park. This is clearly something that many owners fail to recognise.

Recall Training

Recall training classes in Dorset are often more beneficial for the owner than the dog itself, in terms of understanding their pet and the reasons for its behaviour. Once the owner realises that their dog is naturally inclined to ignore orders and only do things that benefit it directly, the process of training will become increasingly easier. Some effective elements of recall training include training to ignore distractions, having a recall failure protocol in place, and giving treats to the dog as a reward for good behaviour and following instructions.

While some dogs will accept treats of any standard, many will require high quality treats in order to be fully engaged and attentive to their owner. Various meats such as sausage, chicken, beef, or pork generally work well however it is important to buy high quality selections of these treats. Many owners will buy cheap, low quality treats that their dog will not like, and then complain that treats do not work when training their dog.

Pet gun dog recall training

Gun dog training refers to the training of dogs to assist hunters when shooting game such as upland birds. The process is training a gun dog for recall is similar but slightly more difficult that when recall training a regular pet dog. Gun dogs are naturally focused on the prey when in an environment such as one with wild game around them. This makes it difficult for them to listen to a recall and remove their attention from the prey.

Training pet gun dog recall in a live and distraction environment

It is incredibly important for pet gun dogs to be recall trained as they may be in an environment in which shots could be fired and therefore it is essential that they are not in a position where a stray shot could injure them. In order to recall train gun dogs effectively, trainers will often recall their dog while it is chasing an animal such as a rabbit, and gradually train the dog to give up on the animal when recalled by its owner. Here at Muttley Solutions we have a 2.5 acre field which is an excellent environment for training and proofing the whistle recall.

Ultimately, recall training is an undoubtedly valuable and important piece of training with which every dog should be equipped. Not only does it allow for greater safety, reliability and trust between the owner and their dog, but it also improves the relationship between the two. Recall training, although it can be difficult and tiresome at times, is definitely worth the effort and will only allow for more enjoyment in the lives of the dog and its owner.