Pet gun dog training field booking form


For Pet Gun Dog and other dog breeds choose the time and complete the form. I won’t confirm your session, you should get an admin confirmation. Any issues contact me.

Also if your issue is urgent and there are no time slots available contact me as I can usually juggle something.

Dog training training facilities are at Merley

Please note: I have set up social distance measures in the field and these MUST be adhered to at all times. I will be taking cash and a box will be provided so you can pay without contact. Please note no change available.

Please try and arrive on time so we do not have a crossover. Location will be sent once booked.

Directions to training field.

Please ensure you bring all equipment as I will be unable to lend you any of mine. You will need lead, long line and whistles. Also ensure you have high quality treats, sausage and cheese as discussed and poo bags. All bags to be taken away with you.

Park just inside the field. On arrival please stay in car until I arrive at the gate. Most likely I will be there. I will instruct you were to go. I have very effective social distance measures in place so please follow these for our protection. I have a pot you can place cash in

Further information on costs can be found here

These are the directions to the new field in Merley. All those you have come so far have found it easily

There are two ways to get to the road which leads to the field so I will give both then that will cover all regardless of where you are travelling from.

The post code to use is BH21 3DH. This will get you roughly to the location. This will get you onto Willet Road.

If you are coming from the A31 then follow your Satnav until it says you have arrived at your destination. NOW IGNORE THE SATNAV and read the section ALL ROUTES

If you do not come on the A31 then follow these directions. If you come from the Poole side then use the Postcode. You may come along Merley Park Road and turn into Ashington Lane.

If you have this view in-front of you and the satnav says turn left IGNORE and TURN RIGHT. Now read the section ALL ROUTES


Willet Road is a dead end so you cannot go wrong.

Follow the road until you see Merley Hall Farm on your left.

Continue past the farm. PLEASE BE VERY CAREFUL. There will be a lot of people on bikes and with children walking on the road.

Continue around the corner and you will see some gates ahead of you and a sign saying Private Road

Go down the private road on left. You will go under a bridge. AGAIN, VERY SLOWLY AS PEOPLE WILL BE WALKING AND CYCLING.

Follow road around to right. There is a LARGE bump in the road. It is passable with both a car and van.

Follow the road around and you will see a field on your right. It is the first steel gate you see Park in the field entrance.

Any issues phone me…07482557186

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