Purbeck Dog Park in Dorset

An Enclosed Dog Walking Field in Dorset for Play and Training near Corfe Castle.

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purbeck dog park

The Purbeck Dog Park is set in the Isle of Purbeck in Dorset. It is owned by Melanie Moriarty and Gary Cole.

The park comprises 6.5 acres, and new fencing has just been installed. We can provide different environments for you and your dog, from the single dog who needs time on their own in Tranquil Meadow to the Dorset Dogs Adventure Zone where your dog and their friends can play.

Muttley Solutions provides general dog training and specialises in Pet Gun Dog training. This field is available to rent for gundog practice.

Located near Corfe Castle, it is within easy reach of Poole, Wareham, Swanage, Weymouth, Dorchester and other areas around Dorset.

Tranquil Meadow

Enclosed single dog walking field for reactive and nervous dogs.

Tranquil Meadow

Sadly many dogs find their everyday walk overwhelming, and they miss out on just being a dog. Their owner tries in vain to find a dog-free area close to home, but currently, there are more dogs around. The dog becomes a prisoner to its own reactivity and nervousness.

The team at Purbeck Dog Park want to make a difference to all those dogs and owners who struggle to do normal doggy stuff. We have set aside about 1.5 acres of enclosed fencing. Therefore if you live in Wareham, Corfe Castle, Swanage, Weymouth and other areas in Dorset, then our Park is within easy reach and ensures you have a safe area for your dog.

There is some play equipment and digging pits within the field so you can have fun with your dog.

Prices: £8 for 30 mins and £10 for one hour. 1.5 hrs is £15. We do discounts for block booking, and Melanie can advise you on this.

Opening Times: 08:00 -20:00 on weekdays. 09:00-20:00 at weekends

Muttley Solutions can provide 1:1 training on-site, which will need to be arranged before a session.

Dorset Dogs Adventure Zone

A playground for your dog and their friends to play and be dogs.

This is the largest area of the park and is solely designed for fun. There will be play equipment for the dogs and the digging pits. This area is for your dog and their known friends to run around and have a great time. You are able to book this field for 1 or more dogs as long as they live together or are known to each other. This is a great place to come for a picnic with friends and family and let the dogs have a run-around.

Prices : the basic package is £8 for 30 mins and £10 for one hour. 1.5 hrs is £15.
However, we can tailor a package to meet your needs for groups, breed specific, dog parties. Melanie can discuss your specific needs.

Opening Times: 08:00-20:00 weekdays. 09:00-20:00 weekends

Gundog Training Near Corfe Castle, Purbeck

Established and experienced Dorset dog trainer for all your training needs

Pet gundog training in Dorset
Group Pet gundog training

Muttley Solutions has been one of the key dog trainers in the Dorset area for the past 10 years. We have a proven track record for success and only use modern dog training techniques. We work with all breeds of dogs as they are all important, and it is essential they are safe. We specialise in working with Pet Gundog Breeds and have a wealth of knowledge around this area.

This new field now means we can offer dog training and pet gundog training locally to the residents of Wareham, Sandford, Stoborough, Corfe Castle, Church Knowle, Ridge and Swanage. The field is within easy reach for all your dog training needs.

Prices: The group gundog workshops are £26 for 90 minutes. 1:1 sessions are £26 for 45 minutes. Gary can advise if you have any specific needs.

Opening Times vary depending on courses being held.

Gundog Training Field for Hire in Dorset

Do you have a Gundog or a pet Gundog breed and would like to train/practice in a 2.5 purpose-built training facility that is completely enclosed. It is a new facility, so is still being developed, and the cover is still growing. It has lots of workstation areas which are set up so you can work on different aspects of your training techniques. We also are currently putting in some Scurry areas to add to the challenge. Sadly we don’t have a water area!!

I am offering this opportunity as the field is often empty when I am not training there. This is ideal for individuals or up to 3 people who wish to practice together. It is solely to be used for practice, and other trainers cannot rent the field.

It will be based on 1-hour slots when I am not using the field for training. The cost is £10 per person with up to two dogs, £20 for two persons and £30 for three persons. Please note this field is for training only. We have Adventure world if you want to freely run your dogs!!

Please ring Gary Cole on 07482557182 to discuss further.

Dorset Dogs Scent World

Challenge yourself and your dog in the exciting activity of Scent Detection.

The amazing activity of Scent Detection was once restricted to professional dog handlers. However, you can now learn to understand how your dog can use their nose. You will never look at your dog in the same way again when you realise just how powerful their scent detection is.

Scent training is great for all breeds and all ages. We just tailor the search to meet the needs of the dogs and owners. It is also a great activity for nervous and reactive dogs as we can do 1:1 searches.

We are currently in the process of making a purpose-built Scent World where we can recreate various scent scenarios for you and your dog. The initial training course will be partly at Upton Community Centre and the Purbeck Dog Park Scent World. Training classes should start soon.

You will be able to do car and boat searches to find contraband and solve crimes. We will secure an area for the imaginary VIP guest, Lord and Lady Snooty!! There will be timed competitions for completing searches. We will also visit other locations so we can extend the challenge. Dorset Dogs Scent World will be offering Scent Orienteering for the more adventurous.

Scent Orienteering around Purbeck Dog Park

This will be held on the Rempstone Estate and will start from the Purbeck Dog Park. The idea is you will use the App what3words. You will get 3 words to take you to a location. On arrival, you then have to work with your dog to find the hidden container, which will have 3 more words so you can head to the next direction and find the next container.

Professional Dog walkers in the Purbeck area

Are you a professional dog walker or boarder who needs a secure field to let your dogs off lead safely? The Dorset Dogs Adventure Zone can be block booked during weekdays, and discounts are given. Please contact us for more information.

Are you a trainer who offers one of the agility specialities?

We would like to work with other trainers who offer what we don’t. We understand how difficult it can be to secure suitable locations for training. Therefore, we are happy for trainers to contact us to rent part of our field so they can run training sessions. This means we can offer a wide base of activities to our clients. Conditions will be in place. Please contact the team to discuss this further.

purbeck dog park
Let the Adventure Begin

Purbeck Dog Park Question and Answers

How safe is Purbeck Dog Park for my dogs?

We have tried to ensure the park is as secure as possible and have just installed over £10,000 worth of new fencing and gates. If your dog is a determined escape artist, then you need to be vigilant with your dog when using the park.

My dog doesn’t like other dogs. Will Purbeck Dog Park be suitable for them?

Our park was built with your dog in mind if it is nervous or reactive around other dogs. We have about 1.5 acres that are fenced and have a double-gated entry. We have privacy netting on one side, so your dog will not be able to see other dogs. However, given the nature of dogs, your dog will know there are other dogs around. We do not accept dogs who persistently bark, so it shouldn’t be too much of an issue. Hopefully, your dog is having so much fun it isn’t a problem for them.

Can my family and friends attend at the same time?

Yes. The Dorset Dogs Adventure Zone is ideal for groups of dogs who know each other. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Are there toilet facilities at the park?

Yes, we have installed the latest concept of Composting Toilets

Can we buy drinks and food there?

Currently, we do not offer that facility. However, it is in the pipeline. You are more than welcome to bring your own food/picnic and enjoy at our tables provided.

Can I block book sessions at Tranquil Meadow?

Yes, you can block book sessions and depending on the number, we can discuss a discount.

The Isle of Purbeck

Based in south Dorset, the Isle of Purbeck is one of the most picturesque regions in the area and is home to some of the UK’s most-loved towns and attractions. As a peninsula, the Isle of Purbeck is bordered by water on three sides, offering spectacular views, rolling hillsides, and dramatic cliff edges.

The region also has an incredible history, with ancient ruins interspersing the stunning natural landscape. One of the most popular attractions for residents and visitors alike is the white sandy beaches, while the whole area is part of the Dorset Area of Natural Beauty (AONB).

Where to visit in the Isle of Purbeck?

Although the name suggests an island, the Isle of Purbeck is part of the mainland. However, the region got its Isle designation hanks to the heaths between the coastline and Wareham that effectively cut the peninsula off and make it feel like an island!

Based in the southwest of England, it has the Poole Harbour and River Frome on one side and the English Channel on the other two. A beautiful place to live, the Isle of Purbeck is also one of the UK’s most popular holiday destinations.

Packed with attractions, there are many places to visit and attractions to see, including:


The quaint seaside town of Swanage can be found on the east of the peninsula and is renowned for its vast bay and huge sandy beach. The town is the most easterly point on the legendary Jurassic Coast, making it a highly popular attraction for locals and visitors alike.

The town is close to many natural attractions, such as Studland Bay or the Durlston Nature Reserve. The Durlston Nature Reserve is a great spot for those looking to take their dog for a walk around some truly spectacular scenery; just remember they will need to be kept on a lead.

Corfe Castle

Considered one of the most recognised sights in the whole of Dorset, not just the Isle of Purbeck, Castle Corfe is instantly welcome. The castle was first built over one thousand years ago, and has played an important role in the history of England.

The castle was destroyed in the 17 th century as part of the civil war, and since then, it has become an eye-catching feature in the local region. Packed with local legends and spooky tales, it is a very popular tourist attraction. The village nearby of the same name was recently named one of Dorset’s most attractive villages.

Old Harry Rocks

Another breath-taking attraction on the Isle of Purbeck is Old Harry Rocks. Stretching out into the sea, these chalk rocks are what is left of the stretch of land that once connected the Isle of Wight with the mainland.

Legend has it that these rocks got their name from local pirate Harry Payne, but nowadays, it is a tranquil spot that is perfect for walkers. Dog owners are welcome to bring their pets for a walk around this spectacular natural landscape, but they must be kept on a lead at all times.

Studland Bay

The rolling sandy dunes of Studland are another incredibly popular destination. A truly wild region, the beach grass and vast beaches are some of the most beautiful in the whole of Dorset. Studland Bay has also been named a National Trust nature reserve and is home to numerous wildlife environments.

The stunning bay is a great choice for dog walking, and well-behaved canines are very welcome. Between the months of March and July, dogs must be kept on a lead while on the heathland between March and July due to a number of rare nesting birds.

Kimmeridge Bay

Another very popular coastal spot is Kimmeridge Bay, which can be found in the southwest of the isle. The craggy bay is packed with rock pools, and it is also a marine Special Area of Conservation, which makes it very popular for snorkelling. Kimmeridge Bay is also one of the most dog-friendly bays in the whole of Dorset. Dogs are allowed all year round, which makes it a fantastic destination no matter the weather and well-behaved pets can be let off their lead to explore.


For those seeking a mysterious and fascinating day out, the abandoned village of Tyneham is a great destination. The village was purchased during the Second World War by the British Military police, who used it as a training ground. Homeowners were promised their homes back after the war, but this never happened and the village now sits completely abandoned.

Visitors are able to come and explore the village during specific times, usually on weekends and bank holidays, but you should check the website times before visiting. Dogs are welcome to visit the village, but they are not allowed into any of the buildings.

The Blue Pool

One of the lesser-known attractions on the Isle of Purbeck is the Blue Pool. This old clay pit has been flooded with water, and due to the fine clay in the water, it changes the light diffracts – meaning the water appears to change as if by magic! This is a great spot for a walk, and it is an incredibly peaceful area that is often quiet without many visitors.

Chapman’s Pool

For those looking for a more tranquil beachside walk away from the crowds, then Chapman’s Pool is a great choice. Located on the southern coast, the area is a hidden gem away from tourists and offers fantastic walks on the cliffs overlooking the pool. The beach itself is a wild and rugged space that is very popular for dog walkers, with your pet able to run around freely and explore the incredible space. While the cove offers spectacular views and is considered one of the best coastal walks in Dorset, the car park is a long way from the cliffs so be prepared for a lot of walking

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