Recall Training School in Dorset

Are you fed up with your dog not coming back to you when you call them?

Many people assume that teaching a recall is a training technique you learn and the dog obeys.  If only it was that simple and this line of thinking is a key reason most recall training fails.

Most people and some trainers think the recall is all about the dog and again thinking like this will cause the recall to fail.

When we start approaching this complex subject from the right direction then we can start to place the jigsaw pieces in the right place.  What I will do is show you the picture first and then show you where the pieces go.

Some approaches to training a recall give you the jigsaw pieces, but you never get to see the completed picture so it is all very confusing and many never complete the training.

Dog Recall Training School

So what magic trick am I offering which will solve all your recall issues?  Sadly I am not.  There are not shortcuts, magic fixes and any trainer who makes you think there are will take you down the path of failure.

Recall training is about two different species who don’t speak the same language, have different agendas and see the world around them in a very different way. Is there no wonder many owners stumble and fail. Once we acknowledge these differences and use strategies to overcome them then we have a fighting chance.

To succeed at this training I will be asking you to make some lifestyle changes with how you interact, walk and exercise your dog.  I will also be asking you take take a good look at yourself as the owner and the structure you have in place for your dog. Remember a lack of recall can be a symptom of other issues.

Without these changes, attempting training is waste of your time and money.  I will discuss these in-depth with you and look what works for you without it effecting what we want to achieve.

You can see from my reviews that many of my clients observe that I spend a lot of time training them and not the dog. This will never be more true than when you commence the recall training programme.

You will need to practice, practice and practice some more.  However, we need the right practice and that’s my job!!

Dog Recall Intensive Training Programme

The programme will be 6 hours of training over a period of time.  This will be split as follows

  • Theory and preparation will be 2 one hour sessions at your home.  These will need to happen quite close together.
  • Two sessions will then take place at my training facility on different occasions.
  • Two sessions will take place in locations you normally go to.
  • An essential part of this training will be you ‘proofing’ the training and you will be expected to do this between the training sessions. I will fully explain what this about when i meet you and I will be available for free text support.

We will only move onto the next phase once I think you are both ready


The cost of this 6 hour training programme will be as follows:

If you pay up front for the training it will be £120

If you want to pay as you go then each session will be £25

If further sessions are required these will be at the training facility and only be £15 per hour

I am based near Wimborne.  Therefore, if your location is within 5 miles then there will be no travel charges.  If you are are more than 5 miles, but up to 10 then there will be a £15 travel charge payable as a one off for the course.  If more than 10 miles then we will need to discuss this.

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