springer spaniel training in Dorset

Springer Spaniel training in the Wimborne and Poole areas of Dorset

As a qualified dog trainer I offer specific Springer and Cocker Spaniel training within Wimborne, Poole, Colehill, Broadstone, Corfe Mullen, Canford Heath and other suburbs within Dorset.

There are many owners who have Springer Spaniel or a Cocker Spaniel as a pet and have no intention of working them on a shoot or in competitions. Both the Springer and Cocker are true working dogs and have been bred to enhance both their flushing and retrieving capabilities. This page will look at what Muttley Solutions can offer you to meet the breed traits of your dog so reducing some of the issues which can arise with bored dogs.

Dorset Dogs Scent World

We offer dog scent training by a City Guilds qualified trainer at our Dorset Dogs Scent World. This is a purpose scent detection training area and has a variety of challenges for you and your dog. It also backs onto acres of woodland so we can do scent orienteering and other scent challenges. The basic scent work training is done on a Saturday at Upton Community center then we head outside for some fun.

Springer Spaniel Background

springer spaniel training

The English Springer is the tallest in the spaniel group. It is more commonly known as a Springer Spaniel as opposed to the English Springer Spaniel. The Springer part of the name comes from the practice of the dog of springing the flush game. In dense undergrowth you will often see the Springer Spaniel bouncing up and down as if on a spring. The most popular colour is the liver and white, but the black-and-white and tricolours are also popular. The English Springer is one of the more popular of the Springer breeds in the working environment. The Springer spaniel is a popular breed amongst pet owners.

My personal experience as a dog trainer has shown me that when many owners take on a Springer Spaniel and have not researched the dog they’re taking on then issues can arise. Failure to acknowledge the Springer Spaniel is a working dog first and foremost rather than a house pet may lead to behavioural and training issues. These are busy dogs and they don’t appear to have an off button.

Family Pet

In the right ownership this can make great family pets. With the right training from the offset then the owner can have well trained obedient dog. These dogs need good leadership with boundaries and structure. They will take every opportunity you give them if you allow things to slide. The last thing you want is an out-of-control Springer Spaniel.

Springer Spaniel training: challenge your dog

If you own a Springer Spaniel and have decided that they are just a pet and you’re not going to work or compete with them then it is important you meet their breed traits. A general dog trainer is unlikely to understand or be able to provide the specific training and guidance a Springer Spaniel requires. It is important that you get a trainer in as soon as possible. The best time to get a trainer involved with your Springer Spaniel is actually before you even get the dog. This allows you to be interacting with your dog correctly from day one. Therefore, you won’t be teaching the puppy any bad habits.

Muttley Solutions gun dog breed training

Here at Muttley solutions I specialise in providing puppy and dog training for the Springer spaniel. If you are planning on working the dog at a later stage than I can provide 1:1 training which will lay the early foundations for the gun dog training you will have later. I will be able to support you in those early weeks ensuring your Springer spaniel puppy has the best start. Laying down the foundations of excellent obedience and manners are the building blocks for the gun dog techniques. It will make your training easier when you start learning more advanced techniques.

Once the puppy is pass the 12 week mark then all training will be done in a live environment. Training in a distraction environment may start off slower however, both you and the dog soon get used to working in this type of environment. After all this mirrors the reality of your walks.

Does your Springer Spaniel ignore you when you call them?

When you have your springer spaniel off lead does it ignore you when you call its name to come back to you? Having a solid recall with any dog is one of the most important training techniques to master. However, it is even more important to have a solid recall with a springer spaniel. Once you let this dog off the lead and they go into hunting mode then they zone everything else out. When you call their name to come back to them they most likely don’t even hear you. Having a dog out doing its own thing is both dangerous and irresponsible of the owner.

If you own a springer spaniel who ignores you when off the lead then you need some recall training which Muttley solutions can provide you with. The secret to training a springer spaniel to have a good recall is to limit their freedom initially and ensure they can never reward themselves by ignoring you. I specialise in providing gun dog breed training which will include a lot of work around recall training. I have several outdoor training facilities which vary in distraction. There is little point in springer spaniel training which happens in a dry hall. We need to train this dog in a distraction environment so that I can teach you and the dog what is required in this outdoor setting.

Hunting mode is a distraction

The springer spaniel can be a very aloof once it goes into hunting mode. This is what they were bred to do and they are very good at it. However, you as the owner need to have absolute control of the dog because it has a very high prey drive. Once a springer spaniel starts to hunt, chase and catch other animals then it is a difficult road back from this. This becomes so rewarding to the dog that the owner becomes insignificant and the dog will ignore any commands given.

Does your Springer Spaniel pull on the lead?

As with all dogs the springer spaniel is taught to pull on the lead when it was a puppy. The young puppy soon realised that when it pulled you followed. Given most dogs are walked several times a day then this unwanted behaviour soon becomes the norm for the young dog. As a puppy it doesn’t appear such a problem. However once the springer spaniel has got to adulthood then it is no fun being pulled along by the dog.

It is easier to teach a puppy not to pull on the lead rather than trying to teach a very excited and focused springer spaniel. Each time you put the lead on you may think were going for a walk. To the springer spaniel you are going out hunting. Once outside the springer spaniel will have its nose to the ground and pulling hard. Of course you will pull back on the lead which only makes matters worse. I often hear owners repeatedly shouting heel which is a pointless exercise as a dog does not understand what it means.

As with the recall springer spaniel training around not pulling on the lead can be challenging. This is because the springer spaniel is so focused on searching for prey that we struggle to be a to interact with them so that we can train them. When the dog is so focused it can appear that you don’t even exist.

Understanding the Springer Spaniel

An important part of been able to train a springer spaniel is to understand what the breed has been bred for. We need to understand the dog and what makes it tick. Each dog can be different so we have to experiment to see how we can get the dog’s attention in a distraction environment so that training can begin.

If you are fed up with your springer spaniel taking you for a walk then contact Muttley Solutions for specialised help with this training issue.

Can you train an older Springer Spaniel

Yes. We may to have do some work undoing years of bad habits, but it is possible. Depending on the age of the dog we need to be realistic what we want them to do. Given the right approach any age dog will benefit from some training.

Do you take my Springer Spaniel and train them

We do not offer this service because I believe many of the training issues the springer spaniel exhibits is because of the owner. Therefore, my training focuses on the owner getting it right. Once the owner can give clear information to the dog of what it wants it to do then the dog will usually comply. I could easily take your dog and train it and it would look very good. The problem is when I give the dog back to you then it is most likely going to revert back to the old habits.