What areas do we cover?

Dog and puppy training facilities in Merley, Upton and the Purbecks in Dorset?

We offer a range of dog and puppy training facilities here in Dorset. Whilst Muttley Solutions is based locally to Wimborne we actually cover a large geographical area of Dorset. I suppose the limitation of you using our wide range of services is how far you are prepared to travel.

Dog and Puppy training facilities in Dorset

Muttley Solutions is in the fortunate position that we have two outdoor training areas that are used all year round. We have a 2.5-acre field at Merley near Wimborne and do 1:1 general dog training and pet gundog training.

We use a community centre at Upton near Poole on a Saturday morning and run group puppy class training. We also run beginners dog scent training here before inviting you to attend Dorset Dogs Scent World.

Purbeck Dog Park

We have just opened Purbeck Dog Park which is a 7-acre field that will cater for all things dogs. It is very close to Corfe Castle which is in the Purbecks in Dorset. It consists of 4 fenced field areas which are:

Tranquil Meadow

A fenced-in area where 1 dog can run freely and enjoy some of the challenges we have set in there. It is ideal for the dog who does not like to be around other dogs.

Dorset Dogs Adventure Zone

This is the fenced-in area for all things fun and challenging. You can book this area for yourself or with your friends. We will also be looking at getting guest trainers in to offer a variety of activities.

Dorset Dogs Scent World

No better way than to challenge yourself and your dog to scent work. Any breed and any age can participate in this activity. You can find out a lot more information here at Dorset Dogs Scent World.

Muttley Solutions

This is the backbone of all the training we provide.

  • We offer 1:1 and group dog training dealing with Loose lead walking, Off lead walking and Recall.
  • There is a 5-week puppy group puppy class in Dorset held at the Community Center Upton
  • We offer Pet Gundog Training and have a facility set up for this.

Dog and puppy training facilities

dog and puppy training facilities
Blandford, Wimborne, Colehill, Merley, Ringwood, Poole, Parkstone, Morden, Wareham