Dog training in Wimborne can help you with recall and lead pulling issues

Dog training in Wimborne can help if you are fed up with your best friend not having a recall. Do they run off and ignore you?? Does your dog pull on the lead and take you for a walk? These are very common obedience issues which I can help you with.

Is your dog excitable and demanding? A change on your part can resolve this.

Do you have a gun dog breed you don’t work, but is driving you nuts? This is my speciality and I can help you meet your dog’ breed trait needs so they are a lot calmer and you are more confident.

As an experienced and qualified Wimborne dog obedience instructor I am local areas like Merley, Oakley, Canford Magna, Furzehill and Colehill. I can help you resolve various dog training issues at your location. Muttley Solutions offers flexibility and competitive pricing. If you look at my pricing structure you will see a package which will suit depending on your needs.

Wimborne dog training

I am often called to Wimborne and surrounding areas by clients who are searching dog trainers near me to review varying dog behaviour and training issues.  Sometimes this can be a one off session just to review and offer advice.  Other times, it will involve several sessions and in rare cases it may involve a longer involvement in a supporting capacity. For many years dogs were seen as simple creatures, but we have to some extent complicated their lives.

Thankfully, our understanding of dogs has come out of the dark ages and we have embraced new ideas and concepts.  This has shown us dogs are a lot more sensitive and complex than we first thought, bit like us humans really!!

How to make training realistic?

When working with the dogs I like to train in a live environment as this is the best place and mirrors reality so we can test the training where the client will be with the dog when I am not there. There are some great dog walk areas around Wimborne where you can practice loose lead walking and recall training.  It is also idea for correctly letting your dog meet other dogs.

It is important that we train the dog in the type of environments which it will encounter when out with you in Wimborne. Little point learning all the skills in a hall then trying to replicate that in the park you normally go to and the trainer isn’t there.

As a dog trainer I cover many training issues and can advise on more complex issues. If you live in Wimborne or surrounding areas there will be no travel costs added and your first session id covered by my money back guarantee.  If you don’t like what you hear on the first session there is no charge. Make the change today for your dog and let them realise their full potential.

Training your dog in Wimborne

Wimborne has a great diversity of areas to train your dog or puppy.  Living in a town it will be important that we include the streets and shops in their training package. We need to socialise the new puppy into town life.  That could be shopping so getting used to busy paths.  It will also include visiting the many bars and coffee shops which are in Wimborne. If you are local to Merley or Oakley then we will use Fenners Field as a live training environment.

We need to balance this with the parks and open areas which are available around Wimborne. When I first meet you we can discuss the sort of areas you visit and these will be part of the live training we do.

Puppy Training classes in Wimborne

It is an exciting time when you are planning to get a puppy. You will be planning all the great things you are going to be doing. However it is critical that you plan how you are going to ensure you are not teaching your new puppy the wrong thing from the first day it arrives.  Yes we are responsible for 99% of the behaviours we determine as unwanted.  The puppy is just being a puppy and learning what is rewarding and what is not.

Muttley Solutions can help you start your new relationship with your puppy the right way. I will come toy your location in Wmborne or surrounding areas before you even get the puppy. This will ensure that from the moment you meet your puppy you can start to teach them the right way.  This avoids a lot of issues later which is very important if children are involved.

It also allows us to make the maximum use of the critical period in a puppy’s life of up to around 14-16 weeks.  If we miss this period we cannot get it back.

Contact me before you get your puppy for maximum effect. However, don’t despair if you are reading this as your puppy is chewing the table leg!! I can still help you turn these new bad habits around so you are giving structure and using the correct techniques.

Dog Training classes in Wimborne Minster

Well if you are reading this and you have a young or older dog then most likely you or someone else has already been teaching your dog some bad habits.  Don’t worry we do it without even realising!!

Most likely you are here because you have a dog who is ignoring you when you call them? Perhaps you would like a dog who walks at your side and stops pulling on the lead? Perhaps barking is an issue which you need to be sorted.  Of course there are many other dog training issues I attend to, but these are the common ones.

Puppy education is about teach new rewarding behaviours.  Dog training is mostly about showing the dog the current behaviours are not as rewarding as they think and we have some alternatives.  Depending on breed and your own commitment can determine how long this can take.  My job is to teach you the right techniques, ensure you are getting it right. It will also be about supporting you though the tough times.

Once you have started to get it right then your dog stands a chance at getting it right. You will then start to see a change in their behaviour.

If you live in Wimborne or surrounding areas then get in touch and I will help you turn things around.

Pet Gun Dog Breed Classes

So you have a gun dog breed, live in Wimborne and have no intention of working them?  These breeds are highly popular as pets and there are a variety of gun dog breeds which fit the bill. However, they are working dogs in the truest form and if you fail to understand their needs you will most likely start to see some issues.

My Pet Gun Dog Training Facility will teach you to understand your gun dog breed better.  This will mean you can then tailor your exercises to meet their breed traits.  You will have a happier dog for it and your confidence will increase. If you are the proud owner of a Labrador who is bored then I can help you challenge them. Do you have a Labrador puppy who needs training the right way?

What I teach you will be more about you than the dog. When you understand the live environment, how to be proactive and make the best decisions then you can learn to control your dog.  Your dog will learn to have excellent obedience and manners in a distraction environment.  They will start to trust you know what your doing and you are fun to be with.

Do you want to challenge your gun dog breed, become more confident handling them? Get in touch with Muttley Solutions and join us at the Training Centre for a taster session.

wimborne dog trainer

Wearing the right gear for dog training

Local Wimborne outdoor clothing shop

There is nothing worse than looking outside and its raining!! Dog still needs to go out for their walk or for a training session. Wearing the right gear is essential. As a dog trainer in Wimborne and surrounding areas I know full well the importance of wearing quality outdoor gear which will keep you dry and last.

Berties is a local shop in Wimborne providing excellent, quality outdoor clothing. No more excuses for not training in the rain!!

Opening and Contact information for Wimborne Dog Training

Muttley Solutions has an automated booking system which allows you to choose from my availability.  If you are struggling to find a date then call me as I do hold some in reserve. The evening times at 19:00 are usually for the first session meeting unless we have agreed other sessions will be at that time.

Here are the booking sites

We are open from  09:00- 21:00 every day.

You can Text me 24/7 and I usually reply quickly Text on 07482557186

You can call me between 08:00 and 22:00 everyday.  If I don’t reply I am usually training or driving.  Text me.


Gary came to help me with my Cavalier King Charles spaniel who was less than 8 weeks old and very tiny. All that I wanted was to have a well behaved dog, good recall and manners. Gary was brilliant with her and trained me well! He’s very very good.

Karen in Wimborne

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Are you a qualified trainer?

Sadly there are no recognised body which says who and who is not a qualified dog trainer. Anyone can setup as a dog trainer. Therefore it is important to do your homework. I belong to the Guild of Dog Trainers and recognised as a Master dog trainer. This title is given to me in recognition of the studies and experience I have been able to demonstrate. I also belong to the Pet Professional Guild Uk which again only accepts those who have reached a certain standard. You can rest assured I am qualified to train your dog and wise enough to refer outside if I think your dog needs specialist input.

Do you offer a guarantee on your dog training?

The reality is no trainer can offer a guarantee. Dogs are not robots. If any trainer does offer this then avoid them as they don’t understand dogs. Here at Muttley Solutions I do offer a refund, minus travel, on your first session if you decide my style of teaching is not for you.